5 Games Where You Shouldn’t Kill The Chicken

Chickens are just out here living their best life, both in the real world and in many of our favorite video games. These little feathery friends don’t need much in life to be content, so they’ll go about their daily lives without a problem.

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And then comes along you, the player, and – more often than not – the problem for these chickens. Look, they might be a good source of food, maybe their feathers are good for arrows, and maybe they cluck one too many times, but please just let them be – they did nothing wrong. Probably.


5/5 Minecraft

Minecraft chickens

We know the chickens in Minecraft are small, easy targets for when you need to top up that hunger bar. We know they give feathers which are great for making arrows for that bow you keep forgetting to use. We know they make a lot of noise and stand exactly where you need to place that block. But hey, maybe don’t punch it?

These chickens are just out here enjoying life, leaving eggs for you to throw or cook, and they can be so much more useful to farm than kill. Set up a little pen and have unlimited access to eggs and the unbearable sound of non-stop chicken noises. Those feathers are definitely much needed, though… perhaps it is worth it after all.

4/5 Final Fantasy 14

final fantasy 14 yellow chocobo

Final Fantasy 14 is a huge MMO with plenty of adventure to be had and so many monsters to go fight. So, why oh why, with all of those monsters and beasts, why would you target this poor creature? The Wild Chocobo just wants to be free, just wants to live a life of solitude away from the farms and the races.

You have plenty of animals to use as mounts, and plenty of monsters to practice your combat tactics on. Leave the Wild Chocobo out of this. We know they’re listed as aggressive, but that doesn’t mean you need to be.

3/5 Skyrim

A chicken walking around the town of Riverwood in Skyrim

After the beginning of Skyrim, you barely escaped the events of Helgen, the rising threat of dragons, and the imperials with an axe to your neck. So why, when you arrive in Riverwood, are you so intent on punching that chicken hanging out on the road? It’s just living its life as a valued member of the community, a friend to at least one person there, perhaps.

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You hit the chicken and you know what you get? Jail time. Or if you refuse, the guards will hunt you down, and they will not rest until justice for that chicken has been exacted. Was it worth it? Was it?

2/5 The Legend Of Zelda

Link-holding a cucco over his head in breath of the wild

You probably know the fabled storm that will befall you if you decide to hit the chicken too many times in Zelda games, but if not, consider this your warning. The Cuccos are aplenty in villages and on farms, and they will not put up with Link “hya!”-ing them with no consequences.

If you hit that chicken over and over, it will eventually call in for assistance. And by assistance, we of course mean an absolute onslaught of death by feathers. A barrage of clucks from the skies as they strike you down for your sins. If you were thinking of hitting the chicken, just don’t.

1/5 Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing Plucky Villager

If there is one entry on this list that you should listen to, it’s this one. The others can be justified with a need for resources, at the very least – whether that’s for food, materials, or even experience points if you’re desperate for an excuse. But in Animal Crossing – do. not. kill. the. chicken.

Yes, some villagers can be more annoying than others. They might have a personality that just clashes with you, they might have a catchphrase that grates on you, or they might even just have a face that you can’t stand to look at until they eventually ask to move away from your town. Whatever the reason, they are a villager. You have an axe, you have a shovel, but you also have some restraint. Please. Please don’t do it.

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