5 best ways to get a saddle in Minecraft 1.19 (2022)

Saddles are an important item in Minecraft. Without them, horses, donkey striders, pigs, and more would be impossible to ride. Mobility in the game is much easier thanks to these mobs, so saddles are crucial for survival.

However, they’re very hard to come by. They are one of the few items in the game that cannot be crafted. They have to be obtained through other methods, which makes them rare.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to get them.

Finding a saddle in Minecraft: Different ways to do it

4) Chests

An altar chest in a stronghold can have a saddle (Image via Mojang)
An altar chest in a stronghold can have a saddle (Image via Mojang)

Chests are one of the few ways that saddles can be acquired in Minecraft. Fortunately, there are several chests that have a chance of having the elusive item:

  • Dungeon chest- 27.9% chance (28.3% in Bedrock)
  • Ancient city chest- 16.1% chance
  • Bastion remnant hoglin stable chest- 13.6% chance
  • Desert temple chest- 23.5% chance
  • Jungle temple chest- 12.9% chance (12.8% in Bedrock)
  • Nether fortress chest- 35.3% chance
  • Stronghold altar chest- 2.5% chance (2.4% in Bedrock)
  • Village weaponsmith’s chest- 16.2% chance
  • Village savanna house chest- 11.3% chance
  • Village tanner’s chest- 17.3% chance

Many of these can have a saddle in them, but it is still a rare find. If necessary, search for structures and look in the chests until a saddle is present, though that may take some time.

3) Mob loot


Mob loot is one of the rarer ways to find a saddle. If a mob has a saddle, players can kill it to obtain the item, along with whatever loot and XP it was carrying. More often than not, however, that saddle is one that Minecraft players put on them, which isn’t a helpful way to find one.

However, a strider can spawn with a saddle on it if a zombified piglin is riding it. If that strider is killed, it drops a free saddle. Ravagers, who are essentially the final boss of a raid, always drop saddles, so that’s one of the easiest ways to collect the item.

Unfortunately, for the most part, those are the only mobs that spawn with saddles, which makes this method a little difficult. On the other hand, it’s not terribly challenging to do raids and collect saddles that way.

2) Trading


Trading is one of the only surefire ways to get a saddle, but it takes a bit of work. In Java Edition, master-level leatherworkers will always have this trade available. That said, it will cost six emeralds. In Bedrock Edition, those villagers have a 50% chance of having the trade.

To get to master level, Minecraft players will have to spend a lot of time trading with these villagers. They can give them leather, flint, rabbit hides or scutes to get emeralds, which will also increase their level.

Conversely, Minecraft players can buy other items. Leatherworkers sell all leather armor pieces as well as leather horse armor. Eventually, once the master level is reached, the saddle will be available.

1) Fishing


Fishing is probably the best way to get a saddle. Fishing up a treasure item, which includes a saddle, is fairly rare. However, it’s within the realm of possibility. Saddles have a 0.8% chance of being fished up with a normal rod.

However, with a Luck of the Sea III fishing rod, that chance grows exponentially. It increases the chances of getting items like enchanted books or name tags. That said, saddles are one of the more common treasure items crafters find.

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