5 best redstone machines to build in Minecraft (2022)

Minecraft allows players to build creative structures that can turn out to be breathtaking. These structures are made using blocks that are diverse and have varied uses. Imaginative players create entire cities, underground bases, and even special redstone machines.

Redstone machines range from easy to highly complex, including one where a player made a working calculator. While many of these complex builds won’t be for a normal playthrough, specific devices can make a player’s life much easier by providing resources or aiding quality of life.

How does redstone work in Minecraft?


Redstone, at its core, consists of circuits and commands that can let players control different gadgets. These can be automated or manual machines that work off switches to complete different tasks.

Many simple redstone builds include doors, powered railways, and others. When deciding on the build type, one should consider the goal. Chances are, there is a redstone build out there that can help make whatever task a player chooses much easier.

1) Automatic Sorting Machine


Every seasoned Minecraft player knows to stay organized. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, as there are several factors to keep in mind. The number of materials and blocks in the game makes staying organized a routine chore. With limited inventory space, things can fill up fast, and it can take a while to sort items manually into chests.

Thankfully, there are specific redstone builds that can make this tedious process easier to accomplish. Players can have multiple chests and sort their inventory according to their needs. This makes the operation a breeze.

2) Automatic Chicken Farm


Farming for food in Minecraft can be a tall task that takes a lot of time. It can also be boring. With the power of redstone, players can ensure that they have a constant supply of freshly cooked chicken.

Though this may not be the most chicken-friendly build, it uses redstone to take the chicken eggs and allow the chickens to hatch. When the chicken matures, the machine kills and cooks them, putting everything neatly into a chest for later consumption. This also collects feathers, which helps to create arrows easily.

3) Automatic Smelting Machine


A Minecraft smelting machine, otherwise known as a super smelter, can significantly increase a player’s productivity. Usually, when trying to smelt items, it can take a great deal of time and coordination to ensure everything is done correctly.

Not only do players need to load up their furnaces with the ore for smelting, but they also have to load up fuel and then go around and take out all of the fruits of their labor.

A smelting machine takes care of all that. Players must put all of their ore in one chest, fuel in another, and then collect the goods from another. This significantly increases the speed at which they can smelt.

4) Ender Pearl Stasis Chamber


Many Minecraft players may already know the benefits of an ender pearl for teleporting around the map. However, there is another way to use them to teleport highly long distances – much further than can usually be done.

This is accomplished by using a stasis chamber. A player has to throw an ender pearl into the water with a trap door. When the door is shut, it will cause the ender pearl to make contact, causing the player to teleport.

Using this method combined with redstone and a daylight sensor, players can ensure they are never caught out in the dark. They will promptly teleport back to their base in safety.

5) Armor-equipping machine


Suiting up for battle may not always be the quickest, especially after an untimely death while out and about. For this reason, especially in PvP-oriented servers, players may want to quickly equip another set of gear to get back in the fight.

One of the easiest ways to do this is with a simple armor-equipping machine. Players must step on a pressure plate, and then dispensers place armor and weapons directly onto the Minecraft player – instantly getting them battle-ready.

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