5 best quality-of-life mods for Minecraft 1.19

The Minecraft community has almost always been happy with everything that’s ever been added. Additionally, one of the biggest reasons for the continued success of the sandbox title is the fact that Mojang continues to improve every aspect of the game with each new update, while also adding new content for players to explore and use.

This helps in Minecraft’s longevity and replayability, since the game has now been available to the world for more than a decade, and content can often get stale for players who’ve been playing for years on end.


While the vanilla version of the game gives fans very little to complain about, the fact remains that even perfection can be improved. This is done with the help of some quality-of-life mods.

Mods are programs that modify the game by adding new content or changing the existing sections. Quality of life or QoL variants deal with improving some basic functions of the game by adding items and introducing changes that make them more convenient to use.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer.

5 QoL mods to help improve player experience in Minecraft 1.19

1) Simple Voice Chat


Voice chat is one of the most convenient and fun audio features in modern games. It allows players to communicate inside the game, without having to rely on an external application like Discord. However, Minecraft’s vanilla version doesn’t have this feature, which can make it difficult for friends to communicate, especially with those who play together on online servers.

The Simple Voice Chat mod adds proximity chat to Minecraft, allowing players to communicate with each other depending on the distance between them. This adds immersion to the game and can also help friends find each other within the world.

2) Waystones


Waystones is a mod that allows teleportation to various points across the map. The scale of a Minecraft world is infinitely large and can often lead to players getting lost.

This mod lets players place items called waystones at specific places on the map, using which they can travel to and identify all their landmarks. It also saves a ton of time as modes of transport are scarce in Minecraft.

3) Just Enough Items (JEI)


Just Enough Items is a popular mod that helps players determine the crafting recipe for any entity in the game. Since it has a scope of epic proportions, Minecraft has a ton of items that can be crafted, provided one remembers the recipe for it.

While the crafting sections of both the player and other workstation blocks can display various recipes, this can only happen when they have one or more crafting ingredients for that particular item.

The Just Enough Items mod, on the other hand, displays every recipe, regardless of the availability of ingredients. This can be a great reference point for players who don’t have everything memorized.

4) JourneyMap


The JourneyMap is another mod that helps players navigate around the Minecraft map. As mentioned above, the game’s world is vast and stretches endlessly. This can result in many gamers getting lost or trapped in various spots.

The JourneyMap adds a minimap as well as a fullscreen map that is generated in real-time, thereby attempting to improve upon the navigation system that already exists in Minecraft. Players can view the map in their game as well as in a web browser.

5) Optifine


Optifine is, by far, the most well-known mod in the Minecraft community. Its primary purpose is twofold, as it serves as a performance mod, and also supports the use of other programs like shaders, resource packs, texture packs, and additional mods. It provides a significant boost to the game’s performance and introduces a ton of new features as well.


One of the most notable features is the “zoom” feature, which allows players to press a certain button to zoom in wherever they want. While this purpose can now be served by a spyglass in vanilla Minecraft, a specific keybind can often be more convenient to use than an item.

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