5 best places to find diamonds in Minecraft (2022)

There are so many blocks and items for players to collect in Minecraft, but none are as well-known or famous as the diamond. Players seldom find these rare resources, and there is always a lot of effort made in trying to get them.

Not only can they be used to make powerful diamond tools, weapons, and armor, but they are also needed to create an enchanting table. They are tough to find, especially if you don’t know where to look.

All about diamonds in Minecraft


Many players can probably remember the first time they found diamonds in Minecraft. It’s a fantastic feeling to find something so rare and with so much value.

Diamonds spawn in the layers of Y=14 to Y=-63. This means that players will want to have their coordinates turned on to ensure they are mining in these areas. Besides spawning between these heights in the world, there are also other places to find them.

1) Mining for diamonds


Perhaps the most well-known way of finding diamonds will be to find them while mining. Many players often stumble across them accidentally. Players have even ruined the diamonds when this happens by using the wrong tool.

This means that players will need to ensure they are using at least an iron pickaxe or higher if they want to be able to break the diamond ore block to extract the diamond. Any other pickaxe lower than that will break the block and drop nothing.

Diamond ore can have an increased drop rate for diamonds by using the Fortune enchant on a pickaxe. With the highest Fortune enchant, Fortune III, players can get up to four diamonds to drop per diamond ore block, which can add up when mining over time.

2) The End City


While not the best method to obtain diamonds during the early game, an End City is one of the best sources of loot in the entire game. Unfortunately, players will need to slay the Ender Dragon to find these cities.

Since chests can contain enchanted diamond tools, and the End Ships can contain an elytra, having the opportunity to loot an End city can be one of the most rewarding ways to find diamonds inside the hordes of chests located within them.

3) Shipwrecks


Shipwrecks are one of the best sources a player can use to find diamonds in Minecraft. These sunken ships can be located inside ocean biomes and easily recognized by the remnants of a ship either underwater completely or partially exposed.

Players can locate treasure chests deep inside the wreckage, and there are all sorts of essential items, including diamonds. Players can quickly get many unique items in one place by exploring shipwrecks.

4) Buried Treasure


After salvaging a few shipwrecks to check for diamonds, you may stumble across a treasure map. Taking the map allows you to embark on a real Minecraft pirate journey to find buried treasure.

Players can find a chest by following the map and digging at the destination specified. These chests have an almost 50% chance of containing a diamond inside them, making them a great secondary source of finding diamonds if you don’t get your fill from looting the shipwreck.

5) Nether Fortress


When you make your way through the Nether, you may stumble upon a Nether Fortress. With these locations necessary to find blazes and get blaze rods to beat the game, you may spend a lot of time here.

Chests in the Nether Fortress can contain a lot of great items, which can include diamonds. There are also multiple chests inside of each Nether Fortress, meaning players have many chances to find diamonds inside of one.

Follow these tips to be rolling in diamonds in Minecraft

By following these tips to locate diamonds in this guide, players will have more than enough diamonds to craft all of the diamond tools, weapons, and armor they could ever need.

With these powerful items, they will have no difficulty slaying Minecraft’s most powerful foes.

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