5 best pets in Minecraft 1.19

Part of the fun of Minecraft, besides building and exploring, is getting to know many of the mobs of the world. These of course can consist of passive mobs, which will not harm the player, neutral mobs, which will not provoke unless attacked, and hostile mobs that will harm the player on sight.

Among these mobs are those which can be tamed and become the player’s pet, either helping them in combat, or providing them with other boons to make them worth keeping around. But with so many different mobs to choose from, picking the best ones can be hard.

Taming pets in Minecraft


With each type of mob in Minecraft, the ones the player can tame will each have their own special way of making them friendly. This can range from simply interacting with them, to giving them specific items to make them trust the player.

However, it should be noted that there is no specific mob that is inherently better than all the others to be a pet; each one has a specific case where it shines and therefore, players should aim to tame as many mobs as possible.

Here are the top five picks for which mobs make the best pets in Minecraft 1.19.

Disclaimer: The following reflects the views of the author.

1) Wolves


Wolves are the original tamable mob and perhaps the best one to have around. This is because they will defend their owners with everything they have, fearing nothing and will even rush creepers.

To tame a wolf, players will need to approach them and give them a piece of meat. If the wolf is at full life, it will have a chance to be tamed. Once tamed, it will have hearts appear above its head and will gain a collar around its neck, which can be dyed any color the player wishes.

Wolves have 10 hearts, the same as the player, but they cannot wear armor and hence are very fragile. However, players can heal them by feeding them meat.

2) Cats


Cats may not have the same combat prowess as the wolf, but they make up for it in numerous other ways. Besides being extremely adorable and fun to have around, they are the biggest fear of Minecraft’s creeper mob.

This means that creepers will not approach a cat within a six to sixteen block radius. With enough cats around, players can make their base completely creeper, and explosion free.

Cats will also bring their owners presents at night, which can consist of string as well as other objects. To tame a cat, players simply need to feed them either raw cod or raw salmon until they get hearts over their head.

3) Axolotls


Axolotls are cute aquatic mobs in Minecraft that players are able to capture using a water bucket to scoop them up and take them as their pet. These mobs are found in lush cave biomes and make their homes both in and out of water, although they cannot be out for too long.

When using an axolotl as a pet, players can have them fight alongside them in the water, granting them regeneration and helping to defeat any foes in combat. Axolotls can be bred by feeding two adult axolotls tropical fish from a bucket.

4) Horses


Horses are a great pet for players to obtain in Minecraft, due to their ability to help them traverse vast distances quickly. Before they obtain an elytra, horses are the fastest method of transportation available. Because of this, players will most certainly want to have a few around.

To tame a horse, Minecraft players will need to approach it and ride it and the horse will attempt to buck it off. Do this a few times until the horse has hearts above it’s head and it will then be tamed. Now players can place a saddle on it, enabling to control it and ride it around the world.

5) Allays


Allays are one of Minecraft’s newest mobs, added in the 1.19 The Wild update. As one of the most interesting mobs available to tame, they are able to pick up and search for items for the player.

To find an allay, players will need to locate them trapped in cages inside woodland mansions or nearby pillager outposts. Simply break them out of the cage and give them an item and they will follow you around and start finding more of the type of item you gave them.

Allays can also be assigned to note blocks. After hearing the note from the note block, the allay will bring the items to the block rather than the player. This can be used to help sort items easily by using hoppers to sort items into the waiting chests below.

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