5 best mobs to defeat in Minecraft 1.19

Mobs are one of the essential components of a Minecraft world, as they assist players in various ways during their playthrough. Almost every mob drops XP. Aside from baby mobs, many drop unique items that can also contribute to crafting recipes.

Players will encounter numerous types of mobs throughout their journey through Minecraft’s many biomes and dimensions. Some might be hostile and aggressive, while others might be passive.

The game’s hostile mobs offer some of the best fighting challenges. This article lists five of the best mob encounters that present a good fight.

Minecraft players must fight these five mobs

5) Enderman


The Enderman is a neutral mob in Minecraft with a spooky design inspired by the popular urban legend of the Slenderman. The tall mob can teleport across several blocks in all three game dimensions.

The mob is classified as neutral as it doesn’t care for the player unless they inflict some damage to it or look directly into its eyes. It can deal a fair amount of damage, and beginners often fall prey to its quick and effective attacks.

However, there is a reason for players to engage in fights with an Enderman actively. The mob’s drops, called Ender pearls, are pretty valuable to players, especially those using the survival game mode. Ender pearls aid in progression as they’re used to make the eyes of the ender, which are then used to fill in the end portal and enter the End dimension.

4) Iron golem


The Iron golem in Minecraft, a semi-boss mob, is another neutral mob that can be found inside, guarding villagers against hostile mobs and players. Being made entirely of iron, players can attempt to kill it to obtain a small amount of iron.

While it’s next to impossible to beat one in a straight fight, there’s a way to cater to those with weaker gear. Players must build a platform three blocks high, stand on it, and attack the golem from there. It won’t be able to reach them, and upon death, it drops between one and five iron ingots, which can be pretty helpful for a new player.

3) Wither Skeleton


The Wither Skeleton is a mob that is exclusively found inside Nether Fortresses. Aside from dealing melee damage, its attacks also inflict the player with the “wither” effect, which causes damage over time. However, players will want to seek out a fight with this mob as it drops one of the rarest items in Minecraft: the Wither Skeleton skull.

Three of these skulls are needed to summon the Wither boss mob. To counter the attack of a wither skeleton, players must be sure to carry a shield with them while exploring a nether fortress.

2) Wither


This is a boss mob that many players might not encounter throughout their survival playthrough in Minecraft. This is usually because many new players might not know there’s no other way to summon a Wither than the method mentioned above.

When players collect three wither skeleton skulls, they need to take four blocks of soul sand or soul soil and place them in the shape of the letter “T.” Once this is done, they must place the three skulls on top of the structure. Placing the last skull will immediately summon the boss mob.

The fight with the Wither is complex, and players will need an enchanted diamond or netherite armor and weapons, along with bows and a sufficient amount of arrows. The Wither has a variety of attacks like explosions, dashes, shooting skulls, the wither effect, and more. Defeating the mob will make it drop a Nether Star, an item used in the crafting recipe of a beacon.

1) Ender Dragon


For players who want to complete the main questline of Minecraft, defeating the Ender Dragon is the final hurdle they’ll have to face. The dragon presents one of the most difficult challenges for Minecraft players as it flies at an incredible speed, attacks Minecrafters with magic orbs, has its health constantly regenerated with end crystals, and can launch players into the air if they come in contact with its wings.

However, defeating it will effectively end the game and give the player many experience points. Players will first have to destroy the end crystals surrounding the dragon, after which they’ll need to use their bow or other weapons to damage it while evading the gaze of hundreds of Enderman mobs.


One of the best and quickest ways to defeat the ender dragon is to use beds as they explode inside the End. If players keep a bed on the central pillar and explode it when the dragon descends, it’ll deal a lot of damage. Repeating this process a few times will kill the dragon and award the player with the “Free the End” achievement/advancement.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the writer’s opinion.

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