5 best Minecraft small houses to build in December 2022

If you’re looking for a Minecraft small house to build, look no further than our list of the top five small houses that are easy enough to build while still being fun and interesting. Typically, YouTube video tutorials are the best place to learn how to build, but you can find amazing builds on building servers to learn some of the basics.

These are some of the best Minecraft small houses we’ve come across, so if you want to make a cool new home for yourself without spending too much time on it, then you can consider one of these options.

Small houses can be great builds within Minecraft

5) Small Survival House


In this house, you are going to mainly be using the building materials, wood and glass. This Minecraft tutorial was made by the popular YouTuber Tanol Games.

The Small Survival House is an easy enough build. If you’re new to building then we recommend starting with this one before moving on to anything else. You’ll learn how to use slabs as roofing material, which isn’t something most people think about using right away in their homes.

4) Small Starter House


A small starter house is an ideal place to start your Minecraft journey. It’s easy to build, and you can use it as a base to expand upon once you’ve gathered more resources.

This amazing tutorial was made by the YouTuber Eyecraftmc. The tutorial does a great job showing how to build a small starter house and even incorporates things that aren’t necessary but make the house much more beautiful, such as flowers and a small porch.

3) Small Winter House


The Small Winter House is a great choice for a Minecraft house if you’re looking to build a cozy space. This house is also one of the smallest houses on our list of the best Minecraft small houses, so it’s perfect for players who want to keep their base simple.

If you want even more warmth inside your home during the winter months (and who doesn’t?), this house does an incredible job of hosting a fire, with a chimney on the roof. This tutorial was made by YouTuber Gorillo.

2) Small Modern House


If you’re new to Minecraft and want to build your first house, this small modern house is a great choice. It’s a simple shape that can be built in just one or two nights if you know the basics of building in Minecraft. As the name suggests, this is a modern-style home complete with glass windows and angled walls.

It’s also simple in design, but materials such as quartz can be a bit more complicated to get in the survival mode. With no complicated designs or difficult construction methods involved, it should be easy for anyone with even just a slight understanding of how to play the game to get their hands dirty with this one. This build was made by the YouTuber Starlight.

1) Small Mushroom House


This is a small mushroom house that you can use to celebrate the holidays. This build is a bit hard to build in survival as it requires mushroom blocks. The material used in this house makes it very appealing though and makes it look like a complete fantasy build.

The build simply looks like a giant mushroom, with a door leading inside. The inside pretty much only has room for a bed, so this is only for those who truly like the esthetic. This video was made by the same person who made the third build on this list, the YouTuber Gorillo.

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