5 best Minecraft skyblock build ideas for beginners in 2022

Skyblock is one of the most famous game modes in Minecraft. While it does work like a regular survival playthrough, players spawn in the middle of the sky with minimal resources and nothing to see for hundreds of blocks. Therefore, utmost care should be taken, and every resource has to be looked after.

When they start off, players spawn beside a tree and get a chest or barrel with some seeds, a block of ice, and a lava bucket, which amounts to the bare minimum.


Ice and lava are used to make water, seeds are used to grow and expand crops, and the tree is used to collect wood, sticks, apples, leaf blocks, and most importantly, saplings to help grow more trees. Many maps also provide players with ores and stones beneath the grassy surface of the spawn island. This can help them make water items like flint and steel.

Once players have collected and crafted some basic amenities like weapons and collected blocks, they can start making their way to some of the islands surrounding the spawning area. These islands often contain structures like villages, or blocks and trees relating to other biomes that can help players obtain resources for them to progress towards the Nether, and subsequently, the End.

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The most effective builds for Minecraft Skyblock

5) Platforms


Making platforms is one of the first things Minecraft players must do after they’re ready to escape the spawn island. While a one-block platform is an obvious choice in order to connect the spawn island with every other structure on the map, some wider platforms need to be built as well. This is due to the spawning of hostile mobs.

Once night falls, mobs will start spawning on single-block platforms designed by the player, posing serious threats to them, such as falling and the loss of items. This can be avoided if players make wide platforms at regular intervals in each direction, giving players some areas to rest and fight mobs in, while also serving as places to build something new and creative.

4) Farms


Since Minecraft Skyblock is a survival game mode, players need food to sustain themselves. The best way to obtain food is through a farm or multiple farms. As mentioned above, players are given one or two seeds when they spawn into a Skyblock world.

Planting these seeds on one of the previously mentioned wide platforms can give players a separate area to grow and have a regular supply of food. As time passes and players collect more seeds, they can continue to expand and diversify their farms.

3) Home base/ enclosure


The tiny island that Minecraft players are provided during spawn is quite dangerous to live on during a playthrough of the Skyblock game mode. Instead, they must focus on making the area safe.

This can be done by applying fences or blocks along the border of the island, which will ensure that players do not accidentally fall off the edge or drop items. Another solution is to build an entire house, which will be more convenient and comfortable.

2) Art


Since the world of Minecraft Skyblock is largely empty and contains the sky and the void, filling it up with art isn’t the worst idea. Players can dedicate sections of their map to pixel art, making stuff like hearts, retro video game characters, and models, or they can use blocks to make huge instances of map art. The latter involves players placing blocks in a particular fashion so that they appear as art pieces on the in-game paper map.

1) Mob spawner


Even though Skyblock isn’t a regular survival game mode, Minecraft players still require experience points to enchant their gear. Mob farming has been confirmed by many to be one of the best XP and resource farming methods in the game.


Multiple mob farm designs have emerged over the years, each more efficient than the last. Making these farms will net Minecraft players a decent amount of XP as well as drops like bows, gunpowder, and rotten flesh, among other rewards.

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