5 best Minecraft mods for new structures and blocks in 2022

Modding in Minecraft is one of the best ways to gain insight into the game’s codes and structure. Mods allow players to incorporate new content into the title that can range from cosmetic features like textures to entirely new mobs, dimensions, and even expansive universes.

However, some of these tools just tweak the vanilla version of the game and try to retain most of the elements players are familiar with. These mods enhance the overall gameplay experience as well. This is usually done by making exploration more interesting through the addition of new blocks and structures.

5 mods that add incredible structures and blocks to Minecraft 1.19

5) The Twilight Forest (Forge)


The Twilight Forest is a mod that has existed for several years now. Made in 2015, the mod is updated regularly and is centered on a new dimension that adds a ton of different features to Minecraft. To enter the twilight forest, players must build a portal that is similar to the nether one but horizontally on the ground.

Once inside the forest, players will find a bunch of new biomes, flora, and many new structures, including the Hedge Maze, Naga Courtyards, as well as Lich Tower. Each structure is different and has its own progression system, unique textures, blocks, boss mobs, etc. This system keeps track of if the player has beaten a boss or not.

4) Storage Labels


This is a handy mod that works in a similar manner to item frames. It allows players to put labels on any block, be it solid or any other state. This is how labels distinguish themselves from item frames. Moreover, they can also be dyed.

Additionally, this mod allows players to change the item being held inside the label by shift-clicking it. Lastly, anything that is placed inside a label mimics its color and texture.

3) Immersive Armors


This offering adds a ton of different armor sets to the game. It is optimized and compatible with vanilla Minecraft, so it runs pretty well, even on low-end devices. Immersive Armors includes over 40 armor-based items, each of which has a different texture. The equipment also comes with various accessories like capes and other custom items.

Each armor set provides a unique property to the player, making it stand out from the rest. To craft the new items, players will have to gather the right ingredients. Some fresh armor types this mod offers include Skeleton, Divine, Heavy, Slime, Warrior, and more.

2) Millenaire


The Millenaire mod adds a bunch of new village designs to Minecraft. In it, each village has a new set of NPCs who work their specific job throughout the period of their growth.

These characters also feature fresh and more realistic animations and don’t just aimlessly wander around in their settlement. Instead, they can be seen building structures, gathering supplies, communicating with each other — as they do in vanilla Minecraft — and more. Each village in the mod is differently built and comes with upgradable buildings, as well as new types of food.

1) GraveStone


Losing items, experience points, and progression in Minecraft is one of the worst things that can happen to a player. It makes them look for their possessions. And if a gamer fails to find them in a specific amount of time, they will despawn and be lost forever. Additionally, there’s no way for players to get all of their experience back after they die.


GraveStone is a popular mod that marks a player’s place of death with a gravestone block. Every item the individual had before they perished, along with their experience, is stored at this location to help them find all their loot easily.

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