5 best Minecraft mods for more biomes (2022)

Although there are dozens of different biomes in the vanilla version of Minecraft, after a while, players often find themselves having explored the majority of them.

This is where mods come into play that add a larger variety of biomes to the game. These newly added biomes can be radically different in style from vanilla biomes, but they don’t have to be.

There’s a wide variety of different mods out there that add new biomes to the game. However, this list will look at five of the best ones.

Top 5 Minecraft mods for adding new biomes in 2022

1) Biomes O’ Plenty


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Up first is the most popular choice for adding new biomes to Minecraft. With over 72 million unique downloads, Biomes o’ Plenty is the go-to choice for many to add over 80 new biomes to the game.

Every biome that this mod adds is well thought out and designed with attention to detail. The mod also supports every major modern version of the game, including the latest 1.18 release, making it a great choice for anyone to use.

2) Oh The Biomes You’ll Go


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Oh The Biomes You’ll Go (OTBYG) is another great choice for anyone in search of a mod that adds exciting new biomes to the game. It has over 70 new biomes to choose from, with various themes.

OTBYG is also updated to the latest version of Minecraft 1.18 but supports most of the previous major releases of the game if players choose to use them. All in all, there are hours of fun exploration to be had with this mod.

3) BetterNether


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For those looking to spice up their nether dimension, BetterNether is the perfect choice. It has a plethora of features that make the Nether realm much more exciting, including new mobs, items, and of course, biomes.

The biomes that this mod adds are nothing short of breathtaking and, in some cases, are even more detailed than the vanilla Minecraft Nether biomes themselves.

4) The Twilight Forest


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Next up is The Twilight Forest, another highly popular mod with over 61 million unique downloads to this day. This mod was made almost seven years ago, back in 2015, but still remains frequently updated with new content features and fully supports the latest version of Minecraft.

In terms of content, this mod adds a new “twilight realm,” which contains a plethora of new biomes that house new mobs, blocks, and even items.

5) Atmospheric


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Last but definitely not least is Atmospheric. It was made in 2020, so it is much newer than many of its counterparts on this list. Despite being new, this mod is definitely not short of features and includes a set of beautiful new biomes that are split into two categories: Rainforests and Dunes.

This mod is also a popular choice on Minecraft servers and is frequently seen to be present. Installing this mod on a modified Forge server is easy and integrates well with other popular mods such as Quark, Buzzier Bees, Neopolitan, and many others.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer’s opinions.

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