5 best Minecraft modpacks for automation in 2022

Modpacks in Minecraft allow players to use several different mods in one go. Each modpack consists of a set of mods that add and modify many features within Minecraft, from adding new mobs, sounds, dimensions, and blocks, to introducing physics, weapons, and much more.

One of the most popular types of modpacks among players is automation and technology. These modpacks often focus on city building, exploration, and making every aspect of their build as self-reliant as possible. The following modpacks introduce many steampunk elements to the game, from the Stone Age and prehistoric construction to running mega factories and making spaceships.

The best Minecraft modpacks for the technologically aligned

5) Sky Factory 4


Sky Factory 4 is a modpack that takes a lot of inspiration from the ever-popular Skyblock game mode for Minecraft. Players start on a small island floating in the air with nothing but a tree and a few essential items at their disposal.

The features these modpack offers are automation, magic, tech, and other resources. The default map might be Skyblock, but players have access to more than 30 other maps where they can build and automate anything they want.

This modpack has a progression method that relies on resource gathering, much like the vanilla version of Minecraft. It lets players choose the resources they want to produce rather than being forced to gather first and sort later. Other features include a Prestige system where players can unlock various mods and a time-traveling system.

4) Create: Above and Beyond


Create: Above and Beyond is a modpack that focuses on making machines using redstone. The player’s objective is to make it to space, which is made possible by building spaceships in gigantic factories.

Players can get several designs to work on when making a spaceship and can choose to build the one they prefer. Each spaceship has a different layout and features, and its construction depends upon factors like resource availability.

Each factory’s technological progression tree gets more complex as the game proceeds. The modpack consists of complex automation and other aspects like programming to activate and work on rockets and other machines.

3) MC Eternal


MC Eternal is a large modpack that contains mods from every genre players can think of. While the primary focus of the pack is technology and automation, it also contains RPG, magical, and adventure elements.

A simple quest system guides players through the modpack’s various adventures, along with a progression tree that allows players to unlock new technology and methods to run their factories more efficiently. Entire factories can be automated, and the world can be decimated using a nuclear bomb.

2) SevTech: Ages


Sevtech: Ages is a modpack that aims to bring players from sticks and stones to the Age of technological marvels. Several aspects of a long-term progression system can be seen here, as players start in the Stone Age and acquire ores and recipes along the way.

However, since everything is progression-based, you’ll have to find suitable equipment to acquire essential items, giving you the resources to craft and move on to the next Age.

1) Dungeons, Dragons, and Space Shuttles


One of the oldest and most well-known technological Minecraft modpacks, the Dungeons, Dragons, and Space Shuttles modpack, allows players to pursue the main branches of progression: magic and technology.


Each starts as a different path, allowing plays to master books, spells, and alchemy, as well as automation and complex machinery. However, both branches merge towards the end of the progression tree, ensuring the best of both worlds in areas like player experience and application within the game.

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