5 best Minecraft lighthouse blueprints

There are a few things that set Minecraft apart from other games, such as the ability to build anything you can imagine with your friends and, having the chance to build a lighthouse.

Of course, building a lighthouse isn’t easy. You have to find an area of land (or sea) somewhere where there’s no fear of monsters spawning and no risk of earthquakes or other disasters suddenly destroying what you’ve spent hours working on. But if you’re going for it anyway, here are five blueprints that are recommended.

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Lighthouses can be built even in Minecraft

5) Easy Lighthouse


The Easy Lighthouse is a simple design that can be built quickly. This is perfect for beginners, as it’s easy to replicate and build. You will need red/white wool and stone blocks to complete this lighthouse, but there are other ways you can make your own version using different materials if you want something more unique.

This tutorial was created by YouTuber Munchucks and truly does a great job of explaining how to build a lighthouse that would look fantastic on any building server.

4) Survival Lighthouse


This lighthouse is a small and simple structure, perfect for building on your survival island. It’s easy to build and has a nice aesthetic that makes it a good addition to your island. You can use this lighthouse as a home or as a lookout post; either way, it will help you keep an eye out for invaders.

This lighthouse is also great for large Minecraft builds because it looks great in any setting. This particular building is located on a small island in the middle of the ocean.

3) Working Lighthouse


The Working Lighthouse is one of the most complex blueprints on the list and is also one of the coolest. It looks like a real lighthouse and has an actual working light that switches on when you turn your game on at night.

The Working Lighthouse is also far more complicated than any other structure covered thus far. While building this blueprint will require some patience and persistence, it’s worth it—and fortunately, this fantastic tutorial made by the Minecraft YouTuber Mr Mirror will help you along the way.

2) Medieval Lighthouse


This is the perfect lighthouse to go with any medieval-themed build. It’s also great for players who want their builds to look like they’re inside a castle, as this lighthouse will fit right in. The medieval lighthouse is a tall building that sits on a rock out on the water and has a bridge leading up to it from below.

In order for this lighthouse to work properly and cast its light effectively, you will need to follow the tutorial as it’s a hard task. It doesn’t look like much when viewed from above or far away, but it can really add atmosphere when viewed close up.

1) Cottagecore Lighthouse


Cottagecore Lighthouse has a bit more of a complex build in Minecraft. This is because it has a cottage house on the side, where the lighthouse keeper would normally live in real life. You can build this lighthouse in about an hour, making it perfect for those who just want a quick build before moving on to something more complex.

The Cottagecore Lighthouse is also well suited for those who want to try out what Minecraft City Life is like as there are plenty of houses nearby that could be useful resources once you start building your own city. This fantastic build was made by the YouTuber Bluewheat.

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