5 best Minecraft Halloween costumes from Reddit (2022)

Millions of Minecraft players celebrate Halloween in different countries. Since the sandbox title has its spooky and haunting moments, it fits perfectly with the spirit of the festival. Mojang features special kinds of changes in all their games to capture the festive mood as well. Along with that, there are many costumes made out of game features and mobs.

Cosplaying and wearing different costumes is a popular trend during Halloween. Though the costumes are mainly focused on horrific characters, they can also be light-hearted and bright. Since the Minecraft community is extremely active on Reddit, many of them posted their Halloween costumes which gained a lot of attraction.

5 brilliant Minecraft Halloween costumes on Reddit (2022)

1) Bee Maid costume

One of the most famous Minecraft Halloween costumes was posted by a Redditor named ‘u/evvils’. The Redditor dressed herself as a Bee Maid, with a cardboard head made like a bee from the game and a white and orange colored dress.

She also posted a few pictures of how the cardboard bee looked like from all angles. The accuracy of the cardboard beehead and the cuteness of the overall costume got a lot of appreciation from the community as the post received over nine thousand upvotes and comments.

2) Traditional Creeper costume

Creeper is arguably the most iconic Minecraft hostile mob for a Halloween costume. A picture of a basic Creeper costume was uploaded by a Redditor named ‘u/Dirtymac69’. It is an accurate replica of how the mob looks in the game.

Since the hostile mob is so famous and fits the spooky spirit of the festival, the costume picture received over three thousand upvotes and loads of comments. The community appreciated the efforts of making the costume and gave ideas of how the wearer should act.

3) Enderman costume

Enderman is another scary and mysterious Minecraft mob that is perfect for a Halloween costume. The same was posted by a Redditor named ‘u/tamhamful’. The Redditor created a DIY Enderman that was holding a TNT block in its hands.

When observed closely, the TNT block has a lid on top, an indication of how it can also be used as a box for candy. Since the tall mysterious mob is one of the scariest, the community loved the concept, upvoting the post over five thousand times.

The person also wore a t-shirt that said ‘Mine Craft Sleep Repeat’, which many Redditors loved.

4) Warden Costume

Warden is arguably the scariest new Minecraft mob, which was added with the 1.19 update. Hence, one of the Redditors by the name of ‘u/fluid__mimikyu’ posted several pictures of how they were making a Warden costume for Halloween. Though the post didn’t show the complete costume, it received over one thousand upvotes as the community appreciated the original poster’s efforts.

In all the pictures, a steady progression of the costume was visible with the last picture showing the complete head and torso region complete.

5) Enderman and Wither Storm costume

Another Minecraft Halloween costume was posted by a Redditor named ‘Ina_minotaur_2’ where they were dressed as Enderman, and their son was dressed as the Wither Storm. Both the hostile mobs were fitting for the spooky festival. The community loved the Wither Storm costume since it was not a custom hostile mob from a famous mod.

Apart from that, the Redditor’s daughter was also dressed in the picture as Korok from another famous game series named ‘The Legend of Zelda’. Though the post only received over 700 upvotes, many Redditors commented and appreciated how the costumes looked.

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