5 best Minecraft Floating Island blueprints to explore

In Minecraft, building is a key element of gameplay. Players express creativity through diverse structures. One of the most treasured installations players like to make is a floating island. Building these from scratch can take several hours, depending on the design’s complexity.

Fortunately, many players and YouTubers have developed tutorials and published videos to help novices through the initial stages. These designs were drawn up in advance to help you understand what it takes to create your island design before starting construction.

Floating Islands in Minecraft can be spectacular builds

5) Quick Floating Island


This is a fantastic build by YouTuber Frang. This blueprint has one of the most simple island designs. It is small so you can build on top of your land. It’s great for those who want a nice little place where they can hang out with their friends or family members.

The builder made this floating island in 15 minutes, and he showed you how to do just the same. The island hosts a large Japanese-style house on top of it, which makes the build look aesthetic.

4) Simple Floating Island


Next is a minimal and straightforward tutorial made by the Minecraft YouTuber Rake. The floating island has a simple design, but it can be made from any block to add to the look and make it stand out further. If you want this floating island to be more oversized or complex, consider adding more blocks to the base structure before building upwards.

It is a perfect build for beginners and is easy to follow. The house on top of the island is relatively small, only around five by five blocks. This build would be great to show off on a plot building server or any building server.

3) Easy Floating Island


The Minecraft YouTuber SlowPayz made an easy floating island. This is unique due to its many small islands, but all of them are so small that it’s still relatively easy to build.

This blueprint has been carefully designed so that you don’t need any real-world experience as a builder. These instructions will guide you through every step of building this incredible structure. This build isn’t that difficult and crazy, but it looks fantastic and would impress many players.

2) Floating Island House


The Floating Island House is a great way to make your island feel like home. This build was built by the incredible Minecraft YouTuber Otama The World. The blueprint will not only allow you to build an island home, but it also comes with a floating platform that can be used for anything you like.

The Floating Island House Blueprint comprises three main parts – Foundation, a second floor, and another platform to the side of the house. The foundation consists of several blocks (mostly dirt) placed in order on top of each other, which allows for more stability than other blueprints when building your floating house.

The two floors consist of wood planks laid across each other with wooden stairs leading up to them where you can find beds (for a living), chests (to store things in), crafting tables (for crafting items), etcetera.

1) Fantasy Floating Island


This fantastic island build was made by the Minecraft YouTuber HRZY Builds. This is an incredible structure for beginners and pros. It will take different amounts of time to complete, depending on your skills.

The Fantasy Floating Island is an excellent example of something amazing you can easily make in Minecraft. This blueprint is designed to look like a majestical place that seemingly randomly appears in the sky. This tutorial is an excellent guide for anyone looking to put some time into perfecting their Floating Island.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects opinions of the writer.

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