5 best Minecraft castle builds

Minecraft is a game that’s easy to get into, but not everyone knows the full extent of what can be done in it. Such as the opportunity to construct a fabulous castle and the capacity to build anything you can conceive with your buddies.

We’re here to help! If you’ve been wanting to build your own castle in Minecraft, look no further. We’ve compiled some of the best builds we could find in our search for awesome castles — from small survival builds to huge fantasy castles with massive towers — all with YouTuber tutorials that will help you along the way!

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Minecraft castle builds are extremely extravagant

1) Small survival castle


A small survival castle is a great place for you to call home. It has an amazing entrance and towers, which makes it easy to get in and out of without being bothered by mobs or other players.

There are several rooms in this build. You can construct a throne room, bedroom, kitchen, and watchtower on top of the castle walls that can be used to defend yourself against mobs easily. This amazing tutorial was made by the incredible YouTuber Classy Kiwi Minecraft.

2) Huge castle


This is a build that will take you a very long time to complete, so be prepared for that or else you’ll get bored and frustrated. You’ve got some serious castle-building ahead of you, and it’s going to take quite a bit of time and effort.

This build is for experienced builders as it’s not something someone just starting Minecraft would ever be able to build. Featuring a ton of rooms covering a lot of real estate, this is a very ambitious project to undertake. This build was made by the Minecraft YouTuber LionCheater.

3) Purple Castle


When you are making this Purple Castle, you’ll immediately see that it’s a well-built building. It has a ton of intricate details that truly make it stand proudly. If you look at the outside of the castle, you can see that there are windows and doors all over it, all adorned with several stunning towers.

This build is much less complicated than the previous one on this list, which makes it much better for newer players, or someone who just doesn’t want to spend as much time on a single project. The purple really makes the castle stand out, making it perfect to show off on a building server. The video was made by the YouTuber yes im jess.

4) Fantasy castle


A fantasy castle is a great build for anyone who wants to make their Minecraft world feel like they’ve been transported into a fantasy novel. It has all the hallmarks of classical castles: towers, ramparts, and more than 150 rooms to explore. The default texture pack doesn’t do it justice, but you can easily add your own custom add-ons to give it the look you want.

The build, just like the one above, features an amazing purple color on the towers but is a lot bigger, which would require a lot more time. This great tutorial was made by the YouTuber LionCheater, who also made the second build that is mentioned in this list.

5) Deepslate winter castle


A deepslate winter castle is a beautiful fortress that’s built to last. It has a lot of cool features, like an observatory, a throne room, and a prison. If you like having all the comforts of home with plenty of space to move around in between — and you’ve got some extra time on your hands — this could be the project for you.

The castle itself is made out of deepslate bricks. Inside are elegant pillars, mahogany doors, and a ton of wooden structures that make it feel more like an actual home than just another structure made out of blocks. This Minecraft build was made by the YouTuber Stevler.

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