5 best Minecraft 1.19 texture packs for building

Building is a big part of Minecraft, but it is sometimes easier said than done. It’s difficult for many reasons. The building has to be done accurately, with the right dimensions, or else it will look wrong. This is especially true when recreating something that already exists.

Another big problem with building is the sheer lack of blocks. There are tons of blocks available in the game, but many of them don’t lend themselves to building that well.

Even the ones that do can be better. That’s where texture packs come in. With texture packs, blocks can look completely different. This is something builders often consider when looking into it. Here are a few excellent options for budding builders to try out right now.

Minecraft building: Texture packs to make your builds look that much better

5) Mythic


The Mythic texture pack doesn’t make Minecraft look more realistic, but it does make it look cooler. It has a medieval feel to it, which is a nice change of pace. For building, it’s not going to look exactly like it normally would, but sometimes that is exactly the point.

Mythic is a fun texture pack to build with since it makes everything feel different. A build in Mythic won’t look like any existing game, let alone Minecraft.

4) LB Photo Realism


One thing many crafters look for in a texture pack is realism. For that, look no further than LB Photo Realism. This texture pack makes everything look more realistic. This, in turn, makes builds look better too. It’s fun to build with a realistic-looking stone block and with real wood too. This texture pack adds all that and more, so it is definitely worth a try.

LB Photo Realism has quickly become a popular texture pack among the community for its excellent quality, and even if it’s not for building specifically, there aren’t many better options available.

3) Jolicraft


Jolicraft is one of the more unique options on this list. It combines bright colors and muted pastels to make for an intriguing combination. Many texture packs go for one or the other, but rarely both. This makes Jolicraft a very fun option.

For building, the combination works wonders. The colors on building blocks are brighter, which is always a good thing. Plain blocks are smoother and simpler, which also works for building.

2) Misa’s Realistic Texture Pack


Realism often reigns supreme when it comes to building, and there aren’t any better realism textures than Misa’s. It’s modern and high-resolution, so it’s always going to be a safe choice.

This is another texture pack that doesn’t dramatically change blocks, but it improves almost every single one. Wooden planks, grass, sandstone, cobblestone and more are all much better with this texture.

Building can be done with unique blocks, but most gamers prefer the standard ones for ease of access and compatibility. With Misa’s Realistic Texture Pack, that compatibility remains, but it looks better than ever. There’s a good reason this has long been one of the best and most downloaded texture packs in Minecraft.

1) Faithful

The Faithful texture pack (Image via Planet Minecraft)
The Faithful texture pack (Image via Planet Minecraft)

Is there a better texture pack for anything other than Faithful? Probably not. This texture pack is excellent. It doesn’t make sweeping changes or drastically alter textures, but it is a subtle and useful texture pack for building.

Sometimes, making big changes can be off-putting and jarring to crafters. That’s not the case with Faithful, which makes it so popular. Building with this feels like it’s normal Minecraft, but it looks so much better.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the views of the author.

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