5 best Forge mods for Minecraft in 2022

Minecraft gamers often play the title with a ton of different mods installed on their systems. Many of them can present errors due to compatibility issues involving other mods or the game version being used by the player. Forge is one of the best ways to facilitate the usage of a large number of extensions.

While hundreds of mods are compatible with the application, many require other programs to run. The Forge mod loader is a separate program that allows those extensions to work properly. It operates by linking Minecraft and the other programs together, allowing them to share resources with each other.


The only downside to downloading Forge mods is that many of them aren’t updated very often, so there’s a chance they might not work as intended. However, there are still plenty of great options available for players who want new content in their game.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the writer’s opinion.

Awesome Minecraft mods that are compatible with Forge

5) Corpse


Losing items in Minecraft can be a pain. Players have a chance to lose every one of their hard-earned possessions in addition to experience points when they die. While many gamers choose to activate the ‘KeepInventory’ game rule to combat this, another way to do so is using the Corpse mod.

This offering prevents the player’s body from de-spawning upon perishing, which results in their character model remaining at the spot of death. Upon respawning, gamers can view the coordinates of the location they died in, along with the items they had before they met their end. Everything can be looted off the corpse, which remains in its spot and decomposes, turning into a skeleton eventually.

4) Easy Villagers


While the Easy Villagers mod might be a tad bit ridiculous, it is potentially one of the best quality-of-life extensions for Minecraft. It allows players to pick up villagers like they would any other item, carry them in their inventory, and place them in specific blocks according to their job.

Furthermore, other mobs, like zombies, can be picked up and placed inside boxes as well. This is exceptionally helpful, as players will no longer have to chase villagers around to try and put them on a boat for transportation.

3) Advanced Compass


This mod adds a new compass bar in Minecraft that is a lot more informative than the base one. Aside from the direction, the bar also displays the player’s coordinates as well as icons for every mob in the vicinity with regard to their direction. This offering is fully configurable and allows players to add even more items and, therefore, information to the compass.

2) Useful Backpacks


Every Minecraft player has struggled to keep their inventory clean and get rid of unused items. The Useful Backpacks mod tries to mitigate this problem by adding three new backpack designs into the game: small, medium, and large.

The small bag has 15 slots, the medium 54, and the large 117. Each of these can be dyed in various different colors and offers the option to send items directly to it or the inventory.

1) Camp Chair


While Minecraft is filled with treacherous terrain and hostile mobs, it is also quite relaxing at times. Standing at a campfire and listing to the fire crackle under the night sky is one of the most serene things players can experience in the game.

The Camp Chair mod facilitates relaxation by adding a new block known as camp chair. Players can sit on this new inclusion. As its name suggests, the item can be set in front of campfires.


Players can craft camp chairs from logs as well as slabs and can even decorate them with wool. While sitting around a campfire in a camp chair, gamers will notice that their health regenerates at a steady pace.

In addition to this, sitting on a camp chair activates the “resting” mechanic, which is the same feature that comes into effect when the player sleeps. This prevents phantoms from spawning.

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