5 best farms worth building in Minecraft (2022)

It’s no secret that farms are one of the most important things to build in Minecraft. Not only do they provide a renewable source of food, but they can also be used to create other important items, such as leather and paper.

Minecraft is a game where players spend a lot of time doing different tasks. Certain tasks, such as gathering materials, can not only take a lot of time to do, but they can also be tedious and labor-intensive. Players can skip the boring grind and go straight to the fun parts by having a farm.

Players who want an easy and self-sustaining way of obtaining materials will undoubtedly want to create a farm. However, certain farms are better than others, so which ones should players build first?

Listed below are five farms that players should consider building in their Minecraft worlds for 2022.

Note: This article is purely subjective and solely reflects the opinions of the writer.

Mob farm and 4 other useful farms to build in Minecraft (2022)

1) Wheat farm


There are many different types of farms that can be built in Minecraft, but wheat farms are one of the most popular and versatile.

Wheat is a common crop that can be found in many biomes. It can be used to create a variety of items, including bread, cakes, and cookies.

Wheat farms are relatively easy to build and maintain, and they can be very productive. Having a constant and easy-to-get source of food can give players the energy they need to control their hunger and keep exploring in the game.

2) Pumpkin farm


Pumpkin farms are a must-have for any Minecraft player. Pumpkins can be used for many different things in the game, including making golems, pumpkin pies, and jack-o-lanterns.

Providing a reliable source of food and protection (via golems), the pumpkin farm is versatile and capable of helping players at any stage in the game.

3) Mob farm


Mob farms are a great way to get a lot of items and experience in Minecraft. There are many types of mob farms in the game, but some of the most popular and efficient ones are iron golem farms, zombie farms, and skeleton farms.

Iron golem farms are great for getting a lot of iron and other items, as well as experience. Zombie farms are ideal for obtaining rotten flesh and experience, while skeleton farms provide players with bones and experience.

With all of these mob farms, players will easily have enough items to craft almost anything they desire in the game.

4) Cow farm


There are many advantages to cow farms in Minecraft. They provide an unlimited source of food and leather, two very important resources in the game.

Leather can be used as an early-game armor set and can also be dyed to look great regardless of the player’s color preferences.

Cows yield a fair amount of XP when killed, making them great for leveling up. They also provide milk, which can be used to make cakes and other food items. Additionally, milk is great for removing status effects, which will be valuable during exploration.

5) Chicken farm


Chickens are a versatile mob in Minecraft and drop many beneficial items for the player. They drop raw chicken when killed, which can be cooked.

Chickens lay eggs, which can be used to breed more chickens. Additionally, eggs can be used in cakes and pumpkin pies. The mob will also drop feathers when killed, which players can use to craft arrows.

These things combined make chicken farms an amazing source of different items in the game.

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