5 best farms in Minecraft 1.19 (2022)

The world of Minecraft can be a dangerous place. In the game, players must not only survive dangerous enemies and realms but also their own hunger.

To overcome these obstacles, players can craft a variety of weapons and armor. They can also make delicious food to stave off death for another day. However, gathering these items can sometimes be difficult or even tedious.

For this reason, making farms is an excellent way for players to save time and effort. It will also ensure that they always have the items they need on hand. However, which farms are the most beneficial in Minecraft 1.19? Let’s find out.

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Chicken farms and 4 other great farms for players in Minecraft 1.19 (2022)

1) Cow Farm


Cows are one of the most versatile mobs in all of Minecraft. They provide three materials: milk, beef, and leather.

Players can use leather to craft things such as saddles and leather armor. These items can, in turn, be used to bolster the durability of their character and help them take down mobs more easily.

Cows also drop beef when killed, which can be cooked and consumed to help players replenish their hunger. This is very beneficial, especially after mining or exploring.

Lastly, cows can give players milk when they approach them with a bucket. Milk is a great item that can remove negative status effects from players.

2) Mob Farm


Farming mobs in Minecraft is a great way to gain experience. Mobs also provide access to special materials and drops.

The best Minecraft farms are those that can automatically grind mobs for free loot and XP. Players need XP in the game to enchant their weapons, tools, and armor.

Farming mobs such as skeletons can give players bones, which can be used for bonemeal to help grow other farms and plants. Mobs like Blazes can drop special items such as blaze rods that players need to progress further into the game.

All these benefits combine to make mob farms some of the best things to build in Minecraft.

3) Chicken Farm


Chickens are another versatile mob in Minecraft. When players create a chicken farm, they will get three different items: raw chicken, feathers, and eggs.

Raw chicken can be cooked and used as a valuable food item that can keep one’s hunger bar replenished on the go.

Eggs are also good for making food items such as pies and cakes. They can also be thrown for a chance to spawn a baby chicken.

Another benefit of having a chicken farm is the ability to get feathers easily. Feathers can be used to make arrows, which are great for attacking foes in the distance, particularly in places such as the Nether.

4) Wheat Farm


Wheat is one of the easiest crops to farm in Minecraft.

By breaking open grass and gathering wood, players will most likely discover some seeds. These seeds can be planted in the soil and will grow into wheat plants, which can then be harvested and crafted into hay bales or made into bread.

This makes wheat one of the easiest sustainable food sources to get in the early game. All of these benefits combine to make wheat farms one of the best in the game.

5) Sheep Farm


Sheep are a soft and fluffy passive mob that spawn in many of the grassy biomes in Minecraft. When players come across a sheep, they can lead them back to their farm using wheat.

Sheep produce a few different products that can help players out. For one, when killed, they drop mutton, which can be cooked and consumed to maintain hunger. However, their primary and most useful benefit is wool.

Wool can be used to make many things, including decorations and wool blocks. These blocks can be dyed to match any color scheme. In addition, wool can be used to craft beds, which can help set spawn points in the world.

One of the best parts about sheep is that they do not need to be killed to have their wool harvested. Players can simply use shears to have a reliable source of wool.

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