5 best cosmetic mods in Minecraft 1.19 Java Edition

Modding can make even the most boring features fun and exciting. One of the main reasons why Minecraft is still relevant and entertaining is the abundance of unique mods. With these tools, players can add loads of interesting content ranging from new biomes, mobs, and blocks to entire gameplay features.

While some extensions change the game entirely, others try to stay true to the purest form of the Minecraft experience. Many players actually prefer to stick to the same old vanilla gameplay and aesthetics. Cosmetic mods are the best offerings to consider using in this regard. This article will present a list of some fantastic mods that fall under this category. These tools work flawlessly with the latest Wild Update in Minecraft.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer’s views.

Best cosmetic mods for Minecraft Wild Update

5) Corpse


Everybody hates dying in video games, and Minecraft is no exception. In Minecraft, death comes at a heavy price. Players lose all of their items upon dying and only have five minutes to retrieve them. If they fail, all their possessions will be de-spawned and lost forever.

Casual players who don’t spend hours playing Minecraft would love the Corpse mod. It creates a corpse when a player dies, which stores all the items until the gamer claims them. Corpse also features a GUI that shows the coordinates of the player’s deceased body, making it easier to find the spot where they last died.

Download Corpse from here.

4) Glassential


Minecraft has over hundreds of unique blocks available just for building and decoration. Still, players would love to tinker around with new inclusions. One of the most commonly used blocks in builds is glass. However, they lack variety.

With the Glassential mod, players can add new glass blocks to the game. This offering adds seven types of glass blocks:

  • Luminous glass – Emits light, just like glowstone.
  • Redstone glass – Emits a strong redstone signal, just like a redstone block
  • Ghostly glass – Non-solid to all entities of any kind.
  • Ethereal glass – Non-solid to players.
  • Reverse ethereal glass – Only solid to players (and fluids).
  • Tinted ethereal glass – The properties of both vanilla tinted glass and ethereal glass.
  • Tinted reverse ethereal glass – The properties of both vanilla tinted glass and reverse ethereal glass.

Download Glassential from here

3) Tool Belt


Tool Belt is a simple cosmetic and utility mod for Minecraft. Players can use it to craft a belt and equip it to store all of their tools. The mod provides extra storage space and increases the limited player inventory.

A tool belt can store 2-9 non-stackable items like a shovel, pickaxe, axe, etc. Players can access the items in the tool belt by pressing the R button and using the radial menu.

Tool Belt will easily become a favorite for players who prefer to have their inventory organized. With this mod, gamers also won’t have to remember keybinds for switching between their tools.

Download Tool Belt from here.

2) Macaw’s Bridges


The game’s stunning world takes almost everybody by surprise. It has beautiful terrain everywhere, from tall snow-covered mountains to abyssal caves. Unfortunately, these areas can sometimes feel disconnected and appear out of place.

With Macaw’s Bridge mod, players can create absolutely beautiful custom bridges. It offers new blocks that are particularly suited to building these structures. Want a bridge for your rail tracks or an aesthetic staircase for city builds? Macaw’s Bridge mod has everything.

Download Macaw’s Bridge from here.

1) Serene Seasons


Though the game has a day and night cycle, Mojang hasn’t added any seasons and may not include them anytime soon. Luckily, players can download the Serene Seasons mod to get a seasonal cycle.

The changes in seasons affect almost everything in the game. This mod alters the leaves’ color, affects the weather, and makes rain snow.

Download Serene Seasons from here.

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