5 best Bukkit plugins for Minecraft Java Edition in 2022

Plugins are extensions that allow Minecraft to accommodate additional content. They’re used to make the online-server experience better and more fun. The content they offer usually lets players modify the title but only on the server’s side and not on the gamer’s.

Each plugin contributes towards improving the general gameplay experience. The extra content is literally “plugged in” to the server, which is how these tools got their name. They also ensure that no one needs to make any personal modifications to their game.

Every plugin needs software that acts as a mediator between itself and the server. One of the most popular types of software that fits this role is Bukkit. It is free and open source, meaning that anyone can use and modify it according to their needs. This article lists some of the most popular Bukkit plugins players can use for their Minecraft servers.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the writer’s opinion. All plugins can be downloaded from the CurseForge website.

Minecraft plugins to use for best server experience

5) Shopkeepers


The Shopkeepers plugin allows admins, as well as members of a Minecraft server, to set up custom shops. These stores are run by villagers, and the feature draws inspiration from a trading mechanic in the vanilla version of the game.

Each shop can have different items depending on the player running it and their requirements. Admins or hosts, on the other hand, can have stores with an infinite supply of items, whereas player shops get their material from chests.

Aside from the option to shop, this server also offers players the choice to disable the trading mechanic for the villager serving as their shop’s owner. Lastly, gamers can change the appearance of their shopkeepers as well, adding yet another custom element to the plugin.

4) Holographic Displays


Holographic Displays is a widely used Minecraft plugin that helps players show important messages on their servers. This plugin can be seen on many populated servers like Hypixel, Mineplex, Cubecraft, and many others.

Holographic Displays often acts as a guide for players, especially during their first visit to a server, and walks them through the introduction, tutorial, and other parts of the map. This offering can be used for greetings, welcome messages, and instructions. The text in this plugin often seems to float and always faces the player reading it.

3) Multiverse Core


This plugin allows players to create different worlds and import or export them inside their servers. Thus, it enables admins to have multiple worlds in a single server.

Multiverse Core provides options to teleport players between worlds by using commands, as well as changing the game rule, game mode, and other server settings without shutting down the server.

Every dimension or world type in the game can be generated by simply using a command. This means that players can play on both a flat and regular world on the same server.

Other features of this offering include:

  • Permission-based restrictions from going to specific worlds
  • Custom player names and aliases in each world
  • Color coding for different worlds
  • Custom value for mob spawning
  • An in-game assistance option

2) World Guard


World Guard is an effective Minecraft plugin that lets server members prevent other entities or players from destroying or griefing their land and bases. Gamers can create custom zones that only allow certain individuals to build or modify anything inside them, sort of like the adventure mode in Minecraft.

In addition to this, players can customize what game-rule settings apply inside their zones as well as to other areas and entities. It also adds additional commands to the server, which can help players stop griefing or even accidents like fires and water damage.

1) World Edit


World Edit is probably the most well-known Minecraft plugin ever made. It allows players to customize their world by creating, replacing, or removing an insane number of blocks in an instant.

It also lets gamers create blueprints of entire chunks of land and paste them in multiple places, essentially duplicating player-made structures like farms, houses, statues, and other builds.


Staying true to its title, the plugin basically enables players to remove and restructure any part of their world to make an appropriate and server-worthy map. The best part about this plugin is that it is open source and has been since its inception, which dates back to the early days of Minecraft itself.

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