36 Million People Fell In Love With This Brave Hamster Video, Where He’s Escaping From A Minecraft-Themed Prison Maze (15 Pics)

It’s no secret that hamsters are one of the most popular domestic pets in the world. They are cute and fluffy, like a tiny teddy bear in the palm of your hand, but hamsters need exercise and stimulation. Believe it or not but they are super energetic and brilliant. According to most experts, including Wikipedia, hamsters can run up to 9km per night, and that’s why in the domestic environment hamster mazes are genuinely needed.

A YouTube channel named “Minecraft Hamster Homa” brought this idea to life by building Minecraft mazes with insanely cool obstacles and giving his fluffy Syrian hamster an adventure of a lifetime. Our brave explorer breaks from prison, running from cannibals and even flying to the moon.

He may be thrilled and exhausted from his venture and that’s why a glorious amount of nuts and everything a hamster can desire waiting for him at the finish line.

36M people loved this video, and we believe you will love it as well.

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You may not realize it, but hamsters can have different personality quirks kind of like humans. Some hamsters are very social and others prefer to be alone most of the time. Also depending on the environment, they are in, a hamster’s mood could change. According to several studies, hamsters with cozy beddings and lots of toys and exercise get better life quality and therefore good mood.

This prison escape video made the Hamster famous while racking 36M views

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