30 Best PlayStation 4 PvE Games of All Time

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Do you like to play against the environment, or do you prefer to play against other players? Some games offer those experiences separately, and some bring them together for unique titles. We cover both sides within this list of 30.

#30 Tom Clancy’s The Division Series

Let’s start with a game that is PVPVE. Tom Clancy’s The Division Series was one of Ubisoft’s “big swings” in creating new IP. It took a while to get to systems, but it eventually made it, and now it’s a whole franchise.

In the games, you play as a secret operative from an undercover organization that only rises in the most dramatic scenarios. Like an attack on New York City or when Washington DC is being threatened with a hostile takeover.

You’ll dive into the environment and take on missions ranging from simple target takedowns to full-scale battles against enemy players. While it may not be the greatest of series, it will keep you occupied.

#29 Back 4 Blood

You might remember a title called Left 4 Dead, made by the team at Valve. Well, some of those people left the company and made their take on the game called Back 4 Blood.

It’s not as good as the original at all. But, if you want to have an experience kind of like it, this will do that.

The plot revolves around humanity being overwhelmed by former people infected with parasites known as The Ridden. The Earth’s population is almost wholly overrun, so you and a few others head deep into the base of The Ridden to try and stop the invasion once and for all.

With a 4-player co-op feature, you’ll need to work together to get through the challenging maps or else be devoured by the infected.

#28 Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic

Are you ready to go on a dwarven quest? If so, it’s important to note that Deep Rock Galactic isn’t set in a medieval world. Instead, it’s one where four dwarves go into space to get valuable materials. That’s the good news. The bad news is that as you enter the cave systems of the various places you mine, you’ll have to endure endless waves of monsters!

The game features a 4-player co-op, and you’ll have to wield various weapons to make it out alive. So take on the horde and use the destructible environment to overcome the odds!

Work together, or die alone and be consumed by the monstrous horde!

#27 Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular games out there right now, and it’s for reasons that have to deal with the “gacha” system. But we’re not here to talk about that system! No, we are not!

Instead, we’re talking about the overall mechanics and plot of the title. You’ll play as one of two siblings who are sent to another world by a mysterious god, then separated and stripped of your power. Now, you must search the lands for your sibling and fight off evil as you do.

Through an elemental combat system, you’ll learn how to battle in the game, and with some special characters at your side, you’ll travel the vast world to seek the truth behind what is happening.

#26 Minecraft

Minecraft is the best-selling game of all time; that’s a fact. It’s also a fact that despite its simplistic look, it has multiple gameplay modes for you to try.

The builder mode is the most famous, where you go into a server, collect resources, and build just about anything you want. Or, if you want a different feel, you can go into survival mode and see how long you can last against the world, animals, and zombies that will come after you.

It’s not the most challenging of survival modes compared to other games on this list, but it is something else you can do.

#25 Dark Souls Remastered

You’ll see three different titles by From Software on this list, and it should be obvious why. Their titles blend challenging gameplay with player interaction in unique ways. Plus, gamers like a challenge.

You need to check out Dark Souls Remastered to start where it all began. The game is improved upon by From Software visually and in terms of quality-of-life improvements. Thus, if you’ve never played before, it’ll feel more like the later games than the rougher version that came out many years ago.

The real crux of the game is the challenging combat. You’ll face all manner of monstrosities only to find another waiting for you down the path.

#24 Torchlight II

Torchlight II takes an all-encompassing approach to gameplay and challenge. That’s because the game is full of randomized levels for you to play in and enemies to fight. So every playthrough you do will be different from the one that came before.

Add to that; the game offers you four different classes to choose from and battle as—each with its own abilities to wield.

If you want to take on the world with a friend, the co-op feature is there for you to use and enjoy. The game’s world has a lot of options and paths for you to take. So dive in and see which ones you’ll choose!

#23 World War Z: Aftermath

patch notes, world war z

World War Z is a successful video game and a movie starring Brad Pitt. You can tell us later which one you found more enjoyable.

World War Z: Aftermath continues the story of both by delivering what they call the ultimate zombie experience. The game will take you to new places that the last parts of the franchise haven’t touched as you try and reclaim the world from the zombie threat.

For example, you’ll head to Vatican City to face the dangers there or go to Russia to help other survivors in the snowy terrain. With full cross-play support, you’ll always find someone to play with when you want help killing zombies.

#22 Outriders

In the world of Outriders, humanity is on the brink. Hope seems lost until a mysterious signal is sent out and heard by you. You’ll become an Outrider of your own making, then venture across a new world in search of the signal and what it could bring.

The gameplay is a mix between FPS and RPG. You’ll wield powerful firearms and a menagerie of powers that you’ll use on enemies that come your way. The more you progress, the more you’ll be able to upgrade and customize your gear. Play alone or with two other players to see if you can survive this dangerous place.

#21 Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 puts players in a different kind of challenge, should they want it.

In the game, you’ll find yourself in an alien world full of monsters that want to kill you. Twelve levels of increasing difficulty are what you’ll have to brave to come out alive. That is where the choice comes in. If you want to take the straightforward approach, you can blast through all the levels and reach the final boss.

Or, you can forgo that and run around the planet and fight off anything that comes your way. The level cap of this game is infinite. That means you and the monsters you face will continue to grow in power the farther in you go.

#20 Hood: Outlaws & Legends

When the rich and powerful leave nothing for the everyday person, the only path forward is revolution. In Hood: Outlaws & Legends, you’ll become part of the “solution” to the wealthy problem. Your goal is simple, to break into the medieval homes of the rich and take what you can so you inspire the people to follow you.

But you’re not alone in wanting to do that. The game puts teams of players against one another as they battle foes and the other squad to pull off the best heist possible.

The more heists you do, the better weapons, abilities, and skins you can get. Will you become the stuff of legends?

Welcome to a dystopian future where corporations are so powerful that they have enslaved entire districts under their rule. You are one of their “workers” tasked with keeping the district safe. One day, everything goes wrong when a series of events leads to The Ascent Group, the corporation that owns you, suddenly shutting down.

With everything thrown into chaos, you must protect the people and find out what happened to the corporation.
Customize your character with various cybernetics and weapons to ensure you can fight those who seek to take advantage of the situation. Your tactics must keep evolving if you are to survive and learn the truth.

#18 Absolver

Welcome to the Adal Empire, or at least what’s left of it. When you rise from your sleep, you realize that there is a mysterious mask on your face, and you can barely remember who you are. The Guides, who rule over the fallen empire, gave you the mask.

They have brought you here to answer a question: will you become one of their Absolvers?
To answer the query, you’ll travel across the realm and find others like you who the Guides are challenging. Then, fight them and slowly build a team through real-time combat to improve your skills and be worthy of the honor presented to you.

#17 Killing Floor 2

Sometimes you want a game you can cut loose in alone or with friends and not worry about anything except killing the thing in front of you. Killing Floor 2 will let you do that in droves.

The title takes you to Europe, where the outbreak caused in the first game has failed its containment. Now, the whole continent is in danger of being completely wiped out. A group of civilians and mercenaries will take on the menace with all sorts of weapons at their disposal to fight back.

The game has the potential for a 6-person co-op, so you can wipe out these monsters with friends and then dive into the multiplayer modes for even more fun and gore.

#16 Aliens: Fireteam Elite

Source: Cold Iron

Set within the movie universe, Aliens: Fireteam Elite will put you alongside two other Colonial Marines as you investigate a planet. But as you might expect, this planet is full of dangers, both familiar and new. To survive, you must work with your team to fight back and upgrade yourselves to overcome any obstacle.

Build your team the way you want. Construct their skills to take down Xenomorphs with as few shots as possible, or make them the ultimate defense force that can endure any challenge. Multiple classes and weapons await you; you’ll need to use them perfectly if you want to make it off this world.

#15 Bloodborne

The second of the From Software titles that we’ll discuss is Bloodborne. A game that somehow managed to be darker than Dark Souls. Go figure.

The game takes place in Yharnam, and you are someone cursed with darkness who seeks to find a way to curse himself. The city is drowning via a strange illness, and you must uncover this place’s secrets to learn the truth behind it all.

Hordes of terrifying monsters await you; you must use various weapons to fight them off.

When you seek an even greater challenge, head to the procedurally-generated dungeons with other players to have an infinite amount of experiences.

#14 Dying Light 1 & 2

Let’s return to the zombie games because we have a two-for-one special.

The Dying Light games will put you in two different cities overtaken by a zombie horde. Humanity has walled itself off as best it can, but you will help change the balance of power whether you want to or not.

Go on missions within the cities and figure out the truth within them. Grab anything you can to fight off people and zombies alike. But be careful; nothing lasts forever.

You can take on the zombie horde head-on or parkour around them to get to safety. There’s a lot to do in these games, so don’t be afraid to look around.

#13 Hunt Showdown

Hunt: Showdown

Welcome to the Bayou. It might not be what you’re expecting, though.

The year is 1895, and monsters have overtaken Louisiana. You are a hunter called in to help take them down. It might sound easy, except you’re not the only hunter in town.

Hunt Showdown is one of the ultimate PVPVE titles out there. You’ll go on the hunt for a monster alone or with partners, and someone will kill it. If you kill it, the job ain’t done yet. Because the moment the monster is down, other players will swarm you to try and take the reward. If you die, you lose everything.

So fight monsters, fight other players, and claim the reward you deserve!

#12 Path of Exile

In Path of Exile, you are just that, an exile. You’re betrayed and put on the continent known as Wraeclast, a place of darkness and danger. Now, you must fight through its areas and gain the strength required to take back what you lost and strike down those that hurt you. Vengeance is your motivator and will be enough to carry you through the darkness.

With various items to use and a skill tree to grow from, you’ll build your character the way you want it to be. Focus on overwhelming power, impenetrable defense, or maybe something in between; the choice is entirely yours.

Start your adventure, and claim what is yours!

#11 Warhammer Vermintide 2

The Warhammer franchise is full of titles that will challenge you against the environment and other players. But in Warhammer Vermintide 2, you’ll face one of the greatest challenges alongside your brothers-in-arms.

In this sequel to the equally challenging first game, you’ll be alongside three other players as you choose one of five heroes to control. Then, you’ll venture out into a realm overrun by the Chaos Army and the Skaven.

You are the only line of defense. You must defeat these beasts at all costs. Because if you fall, the realm will fall right after you. Pick your warrior, grow them through battle, and ensure the Empire survives!

#10 Diablo 3

Many of you are hoping no doubt that Diablo 4 will be everything recent entries in the game were not. We can’t say if that will be the case, but Diablo 3 is still a title that will give you challenges if you let it.

You’ll pick your character class and go through infernal areas full of monsters to fight. You’ll have to take them down, collect items, craft weapons, and explore the reaches of the depths to advance.

While it may not be the most beloved game in the franchise, it has been updated for years by Blizzard, so you arguably are getting the best form of the game right now.

#9 The Forest

When you crash land in a forest after a jet accident, you might think the only danger you have to face is the elements. But you would be very wrong on that front.

In The Forest, there are cannibalistic mutants that come out every night. When they come out, they’ll hunt you down.

During the daytime, search for supplies and build a shelter you can survive in. Then, when the night comes, either stay hidden in your shelter or fight the mutants head-on to make it to the next day.

You can approach these challenges in various ways, but remember, you still have to survive.

#8 Conan Exiles

If you’ve ever wanted to see what it was like to be in the realm of Conan The Barbarian, here is your chance.

Conan Exiles features your custom avatar being saved by Conan himself, but he’s not there to help you; he just frees you. Now with a second chance at life, you must venture through the harsh world to find a way to survive.

Survival is anything but easy here, as the environment will try to kill you just as much as monsters will! Fight for everything you have, or work with other players to form a pack capable of taking down any foe! In this world, only the strong survive.

#7 Elden Ring

Elden Ring only came out this year, but it’s made quite an impression on fans and critics of the title.

The game puts you in a world of gods and monsters where the titular Elden Ring must be reassembled. But let’s face it, you don’t play these titles for the lore and story, as you usually have to figure that out yourself.

The game will challenge you, as past From Software titles have. But this time, you can face those challenges as you roam around the massive world and take them on at your choosing. So create the best build for your character, and venture out to save the world.

#6 Warframe

In Warframe, you’re put in the middle of a galactic war as a being infused with a special exosuit. The fun twist is that you can choose which Exosuit you want to be.

Each Warframe is unique, and there are over 50 of them now. Some wield swords that can slash through almost anything and ones that can take down a meteor in a single punch. You’ll want to test them all and then equip them with one of 500 insane weapons to further their power. The MMO constantly updates and has plenty of players to fight alongside or against.

Oh, and the game is free-to-play, so that helps.

#5 Destiny 2

Destiny 2

Bungie made the original Destiny something they could control and create a new experience within. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out the way they wanted, so they tried again with Destiny 2. While that also didn’t go as they wished, you can see the improvements within the game even now.

You’ll once again play as a Guardian. But this time, there are new threats to endure that challenge everything around you, including your abilities as a Guardian.

Whether you team up with other players to take down events happening in the world or go it alone to face the dangers solo, you’ll have a lot to do here.

Plus, the game is heading toward the end of its content run, so now is the perfect time to pick up and play.

#4 ARK: Survival Evolved

Easily one of the best PVE experiences mixed with PVP gameplay, ARK: Survival Evolved puts you on an island with nothing to call yours. But, then, you’ll have to build yourself into someone who can fight off the dangers that the island inherently has.

Obviously, you won’t be alone as other players will be stranded on the island too, and some won’t be friendly to you. Find a weapon to craft, then slowly increase your technology level so you can make better items. The island is not what you expect, so be ready for anything.

Even if it’s a person charging you while on the back of a dinosaur, yes, that can happen here.

#3 7 Days to Die

While some games on this list only loosely walk the line of the PVE title, 7 Days to Die is not one of them.

The game puts you in a world several square kilometers large and asks you to survive in it. But what are you trying to survive? Everything out there, whether it be human or undead.

You’ll have to scavenge for supplies, get weapons, and fight back against anything you see approaching you. You can choose to work with others or run at the very sight of them to ensure your safety.

Multiple biomes exist in this game’s world, so explore what is there and see if you can survive.

#2 Monster Hunter World

At one point, the Monster Hunter franchise was only appreciated in Japan. Only they saw the potential of these games and what they could be like regarding their challenge. But then, Sony and Capcom made a concerted effort to change things, leading to the birth of Monster Hunter World.

The expansive title was the one that broke down the barriers and got Western players into the series. You’ll be in a massive world full of terrifying monsters you’re tasked with taking down alone or with other players. As you slay them, collect items and materials to craft new weapons and armor so you can take on the next monster.

Are you ready to kill some monsters?

#1 Borderlands Series

It may be odd to find the Borderlands Series at the top spot, but we found it appropriate since there ain’t no rest for the wicked.

Whether you play the main games or some of its spinoffs, the titles will take you to the vault worlds of Pandora and beyond and set you on a path of total destruction. Destruction you will cause with the ENORMOUS variety of weapons at your disposal.

Seriously, you’ll have no problem finding a weapon that suits you in these games. So pick your character class, or create your own at times, and see just how insane things can get in these worlds.

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