3 best Minecraft servers similar to OTV server

While not strictly affiliated with Minecraft content, OfflineTV aka OTV are a group of streamers/influencers that have been dominating Twitch lately in terms of viewership. Comprising the group is primarily a selection of incredibly popular influencers, including the likes of Pokimane, LilyPichu, and many other notable names.

While Minecraft by all means isn’t the only game the OTV group plays, the members have shown particular affection for it and have even started an official OTV Minecraft server.

However, for the past few months the server unfortunately hasn’t seen much airtime. While this is admittedly sad, fans can still get a piece of the action with similar Minecraft servers that emulate the good old laid-back OTV server feel. Such options are perfect not just for OTV fans to play, but rather anyone who enjoys Minecraft.

Top 3 fun Minecraft servers that match features from OTV’s creation

1) Purple Prison

Server Address: purpleprison.org

Purple Prison is a great server with many activities and a friendly community (Image via Purple Prison)
Purple Prison is a great server with many activities and a friendly community (Image via Purple Prison)

Up first is Purple Prison, a popular Minecraft network with not just one mode of gameplay on offer, but a wide selection of options. The variety on this server includes Prisons, SMP (similar to OTV server), a fun parkour mode, and more.

What’s more is that Purple Prison also has a strong following of dedicated players. The server has been in operation since 2014 and boasts a Discord community of over 65,000 members to chat with.

All in all, this server is absolutely perfect for any MC fan to check out and the SMP mode resembles many similarities to the OTV SMP Minecraft server.

IP Address: purpleprison.org

2) Hypixel SMP

Server Address: hypixel.net


Next on this list is none other than Hypixel, currently the most popular Minecraft server in the community. For those unaware, Hypixel recently managed to hold over 200,000 concurrent players on their network. While is a tremendous feat, it’s fair to say that most of Hypixel’s success can be attributed to the great selection of gamemodes on offer.

One of the most popular game modes on Hypixel is SMP mode, which has some memorable features that were also seen in the OTV official server. For anyone looking to check out a great MC server to play in general, it’s hard to go wrong with Hypixel.

IP Address: hypixel.net

3) Dirtcraft

Server Address: dirtcraft.gg

Dirtcraft is a great server to enjoy modded gameplay (Image via FTB revalation)
Dirtcraft is a great server to enjoy modded gameplay (Image via FTB revalation)

Last but most certainly not least is a humble server called Dirtcraft. While this server isn’t as popular as the other two on this list, it’s rather appropriate in the discussion among OTV similar servers due to its FTB modpack support.

For those unaware, the OTV server is modded, and used to run the FTB revalations modpack at one point. Fans looking to play this exact modpack can do so on Dirtcraft. The fun doesn’t stop there, however, as players can enjoy a plethora of other modded gamemodes on the Dirtcraft server, including the list below:

  • FTB Sky Odessey
  • FTB Ultimate Releaded
  • FTB Sky Adventures
  • FTB Revelations
  • Stoneblock 1
  • Stoneblock 2
  • FTB Infinity Evolved
  • FTB Sky Factory 1
  • FTB Sky Factory 2
  • RLCraft
  • MC Eternal
  • Pixelmon Reforged
  • Glacial Awakening
  • Infinity Evolved
  • Project Ozone 3
  • FTB Continuum
  • FTB Interactions
  • Roguelike Adventures & Dungeons

To sum things up, Dirtcraft is pretty much a one-stop shop for playing any type of popular modpack, including many of the ones shown on stream when playing on the OTV server.

IP Address: dirtcraft.gg

Note: This article is subjective and merely reflects the writer’s opinions only and the opinions of other gamers might differ dramatically.

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