3 best Minecraft no-griefing servers

Minecraft is a game with no end. You can keep playing for years and never run out of new things to do, areas to explore or ways to play. But even so, there’s no doubt that some servers are better than others.

Minecraft servers are the best places for players to meet and play together, but not all are created equal. Whether you’re looking to meet some new friends or improve your skills, there are servers out there that can help.

A server that doesn’t allow other players to grief allows others to build without having to worry about people troubling them or taking their items. Here is a list of the top three Minecraft no-griefing servers.

No-griefing servers allow Minecraft players to build without worry

1) PurplePrison

IP address: purpleprison.net

PurplePrison is the best server that offers no griefing (Image via PurplePrison)
PurplePrison is the best server that offers no griefing (Image via PurplePrison)

PurplePrison is a no-griefing server with a big yet tight-knit community. It has been around since 2014 and has seen countless players come and go over the years. It’s incredibly well-maintained, though, with a large number of mods and plugins to keep it running smoothly.

You may be wondering, what exactly do we mean by no-griefing servers? Well, it’s a term used to describe Minecraft servers that enforce rules against griefing. The word “griefing” refers to the act of ruining others’ gaming experiences with malicious intent (such as stealing their items or destroying their creations).

While there are many different types of Minecraft server setups, the most popular ones tend to fall into one of two categories: survival or creative, and this one holds both.

Survival servers are great for people who want the challenge of surviving on their own. They’re more hardcore than many other kinds of game modes but also offer more freedom and less restrictions on what players can do with their world and characters.

PurplePrison also has a creative mode, which is ideal for people who want total control over their surroundings while they build structures they can show off to friends online.

It’s not necessarily meant for competitive play like survival mode might be, but it does allow players to get creative with everything from building new cities in space colonies or creating massive art installations out in nature. However, because this type does not feature any sort of challenge at all (you cannot lose), it tends not see quite as much traffic as those other options do.

2) BlossomCraft

IP address: play.blossomcraft.org

BlossomCraft is a fantastic no griefing survival server (Image via BlossomCraft)
BlossomCraft is a fantastic no griefing survival server (Image via BlossomCraft)

BlossomCraft is a popular Minecraft no-griefing server, and it’s easy to see why. This survival offering has a focus on community building and collaboration between players, with an overall goal of making everyone get along. The server also has lots of room for you to build whatever you want (within reason!) without worrying about other people coming in and destroying your hard work.

The BlossomCraft community is friendly and helpful, so if you ever run into any problems while playing the game or need help getting started, there are plenty of players around who will be happy to lend their knowledge.

Players can choose from several different plugins and mods to customize their experience on this no griefing Minecraft server. Each one provides something different for the playerbase at large, but remains compatible with all other plugins used by administrators/developers during official gameplay sessions every month (monthly events where everyone gets together online).

This server offers a fantastic player experience, with not only plugins to stop players from griefing, but also ones that allow you to keep your inventory upon dying and many other great features like that! BlossomCraft is running on version 1.19 and is available for both Java and Bedrock edition. If this server sounds interesting to you, join now!

3) Empire Minecraft

IP address: play.emc.gs

Empire Minecraft is a terrific no-griefing server (Image via Empire Minecraft)
Empire Minecraft is a terrific no-griefing server (Image via Empire Minecraft)

Empire Minecraft is one of the most popular no-griefing servers. It has been around for several years and has gained a lot of popularity because of its well-established community, beautiful world, and extremely fun playerbase!

Even if you aren’t looking for a specific genre, you’ll be able to find something on this server that will keep you interested. You will always be able to find new activities on this server, great for anyone new or experienced.

On this server, you can build anything you want. This is the most popular reason people choose to play on a server with no-griefing rules, and it’s also one of the best reasons to play on any such setup.

When you’re playing by yourself or with another person, it can be difficult and frustrating to build large structures because there are only a couple of pair of hands available to help construct them. But when you have a whole community of people working together – on a non-griefing server, that is – you’ll find yourself building all sorts of amazing things in record time!

You can hang out with your friends while still being able to build complex structures together thanks to this amazing server!

Minecraft no-griefing server tip and tricks

1) Claim land

Make sure you claim everything you create. If you don’t do this, you face the chance of someone breaking in or changing your land. There are a variety of ways to claim land on a particular server you’ve joined, so you’ll need to look into it.

When it’s an SMP server or something similar, it’s hard for the server to differentiate what a player builds and just the normal world, which is why claiming land is necessary.

2) Be careful about trusting players

Whomever you decide to put your trust in can turn around and destroy your build at any time if you allow them access to your claim/plot. When playing on no-griefing servers, it will typically allow you to add/trust someone to your land. But be very wary when doing this as they will be able to take your items or even destroy your build.

3) Someone griefs you

What do you do if someone actually griefs you? Some servers may have even more protection against things like this and will roll back your build/items for you. This will usually not be the case though, as servers will often say it was your fault for trusting this player or forgetting to claim the land.

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