15 Best Xbox One Survival Open World Games

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Survival and open-world games go hand-in-hand in many ways. If you’re looking for some to find on the Xbox One, we got 15 for you!

#15 Minecraft

We made a promise on a previous list that every time we made a survival list that had to have Minecraft on it, we’d put it at the bottom of the list. So, behold, we fulfill our promises!

Please don’t think we’re bashing the game unnecessarily. We’re not attacking it. We’re just pointing out a key part of its makeup. Yes, Minecraft has a survival mode, but how many of you out there play that mode? How many of you would instead just build things in the game or go to one of the self-contained worlds and have adventures in them?

That’s what we thought. The prosecution rests.

#14 Mad Max

The Mad Max films have had a loyal fanbase for decades, and their foray into the video game space is just as full of action and adventure. You play as Max, who is on a quest to find a potential oasis in the wasteland that is the world. But getting to this sacred spot won’t be easy, as you’ll have to deal with the threats that want you and your ride.

Travel across the harsh landscapes in your vehicle and slowly outfit it so it can take on any enemy. Build the ultimate attack car and ensure you get to your destination. Can we get a witness?

#13 Dying Light 2 Stay Human

In Dying Light 2 Stay Human, you’ll be surviving on two different fronts. First, you’ll be weathering the place known as The City. Here, multiple factions are vying for power, and you have to help some of them to ensure the success of your personal mission. How you help them, and whether you help them, will affect the entire city and its dynamic.

The other way you need to survive in the game is by not turning into a zombie. No, not just because zombies are everywhere. Instead, it’s because you’ve already been infected. So you must be vigilant when you go out at night or slowly become a monster.

#12 Far Cry 6

The Far Cry series has almost always been about survival. Whether on an island, high up in the mountains, or in the woodlands of Montana, making it out of the story alive is always a challenge. Far Cry 6 is no different. In this title, you’ll play as a freedom fighter trying to eliminate the oppressive regime headed by a man trying to mold his son into the next great dictator of the land.

Alongside your allies, you’ll work to cripple the rulers’ kingdom. Take out their supplies, communications, leaders, and eventually, the head honcho.

Wield various weapons and complete all sorts of missions to free the nation from tyranny.

#11 Conan Exiles

If you want to partake in a survival game that you can partake in with others, get Conan Exiles. Here, you’ll be spared from death by none other than Conan The Barbarian. But his help ends there. Now alone and alive, you’ll travel through harsh lands where only the strong survive.

That is due to how there is more than just the elements to face. Your character will have to be strong to face the beasts of the region and the supernatural threats that may come for you.

Work alone to survive, or build a new home alongside other players to ensure that nothing defeats you.

#10 Outer Wilds

Not to be confused with the RPG from Obsidian Entertainment, Outer Wilds is a survival game where you’ll die, but you’ll be fine after it. You’re stuck in a solar system caught in a time loop. Thus, you’ll venture into the wilds of space every cycle, exploring planets and getting clues to figure out what’s happening.

The worlds you visit will be diverse and full of different things and events to watch and explore. There are dangers there, too, so be mindful of your surroundings. Can you figure out the mystery behind the time loop? Jump in and find out!

#9 No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky

It’s easy to pick on No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games because of how the title launched and was immediately ripped apart by critics and fans. But now, the team has made the game a fun survival title. So if you’re up for giving it a second chance or were waiting for it to get better before trying it out, here you go.

You’ll explore a vast universe with millions upon millions of planets to visit. What you find will depend on the planet. You can explore it on foot or zoom around on your ship! Plus, finally, you can enjoy the game in multiplayer mode and explore the universe with friends!

#8 State of Decay 2

While we wait for any update on the third game, State of Decay 2 still has plenty to offer players. You’ll not be the sole survivor, though, but a community leader in the game. Your job is to keep everyone as safe as possible in the zombie-ridden world you reside in.

Your decisions affect the whole group, not just yourself. You must choose how to build up your community, whether to bring in more survivors should they be found, who to send out for supply runs, etc.

Plus, when the zombies come, you have to pick people to fight them. If they die, they’re gone for good. So choose wisely, and help them all survive.

#7 Metro Exodus

The Metro saga tells one continuous story of survivors in Russia who try to endure the harsh landscapes caused by war and the monsters with them.

But in Metro Exodus, the journey to find a new home finally starts. You’ll play as a Ranger who leads a group on a steam train to the eastern part of their homeland. The goal is to find a new place to live and bring the other survivors to it.

Use what you find on your journey to craft new items and weapons. The wilds of Russia may be beautiful, but they’re full of dangers. Don’t be fooled by them, as it might get you all killed.

#6 Fallout 4

War, war never changes. But the way we play those wars does. Fallout 4 is one of the best entries in the mainline series and helped expand the post-apocalyptic world in ways the others couldn’t.

You’ll play as a vault survivor on a quest to find his kidnapped son. With the world being in its sorry state, that won’t be easy. You’ll need to wander through the desert landscape and fight mutants and monsters. Take quests along the way to build up your skills, and craft weapons from just about anything to help you in battle.

You can even build up the new world to make it as stylish as you want. With the fifth mainline game coming eventually, why not dive into its predecessor?

#5 Subnautica Series

The Subnautica Series puts you in two different survival scenarios focusing on one key twist on the standard setting: you won’t be on land. Instead, you’ll be surviving underwater.

In both games, you’ll be in an alien world and have to work through the challenges to survive in the depths and learn more about the world itself. From the moment the game starts, you’ll be in survival mode. First, find technology scattered around the bodies of water to build yourself a self-contained home. Then, dive deeper and learn more about the creatures of the world and their habitats.

Be careful. Not all of the creatures are friendly. Don’t let the waters be your grave.

#4 ARK: Survival Evolved

If you desire a chance to be at “ground zero” and “work your way up the survival ladder,” then try ARK: Survival Evolved. First, the game puts you on an island with nothing to your name. From there, you’ll search the island for materials to use to craft clothes, weapons, or whatever you need.

Just be ready, as you’re not alone on this island. Not only is it inhabited by a variety of beasts, but other players as well. Threats can come from all sides, so build yourself technology-wise to be the ultimate survivor and fighter.

Oh, and there are dinosaurs on this island you can tame. So do that, and then ride them into battle!

#3 This War of Mine: Final Cut

As our world is currently showing, surviving a war is no easy feat. Unfortunately, video games often try to downplay the true horrors of war by making you the story’s hero. But in This War of Mine: Final Cut, you’ll get a different view of war. A view not from the front lines but from the perspective of those trapped in the grips of war.

You’ll be an innocent bystander in a warzone, trying to make it through each day. You must repair the home you found, keep yourself and your fellow survivors fed, or heal them if they’re hurt.

Each day brings struggle and the potential for pain and loss. How long you last will depend on the luck of the draw as much as your efforts.

#2 7 Days to Die

While our final game is the ultimate solo survival experience, 7 Days to Die is arguably the best multiplayer survival experience out there.

The massive multiplayer survival title puts you in a large area of land where everything can be a danger to you if you let it. How you survive is up to you, but make sure you make strides to survive. First, look around for supplies and resources to use. Then, craft to make what you need and fight off anyone or anything that tries to take you out.

Will you be able to survive all that is out in this world? You’ll have to dive into the game to find out.

#1 The Long Dark

While there are many games we could’ve put at the top, The Long Dark is the best representation of the survival genre. Why? Because, unlike many other games, this one is about survival. It’s only about you versus nature and whether you can withstand your brutality.

You must monitor your character as you travel through the frozen wilderness you crash-landed in and ensure that you’re okay from top to bottom. First, you need to find food to eat to keep your energy up. Then, you’ll need to build a fire to stay warm. Add to that; you need to make a shelter, craft tools to fight off wildlife, and more.

If you die in this game, you start over from the beginning. So try not to die.

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