15 BEST Minecraft Launchers In 2022

Little do many know, Minecraft is possibly the most successful video game franchise of all time. This iconic classic first came out on November 28, 2011, and has since protruded to a bevy of other platforms. The latter does not only include consoles like Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, or Nintendo Switch but Minecraft launchers within PC as well. You’re simply looking at a colossal video game series that has done nothing but grow out of its way, thereby tempting people to try out the best Minecraft launchers there are.

The thing about launchers is that all of them are built differently. While some may have a catchy interface, others will perform on your PC better. Therefore, it’s hard to point out a single Minecraft launcher. Fret not, since we have outlined a range of those in this descriptive guide to make you fully explore your options. 

Without any further ado then, let’s jump right into this guide. 

What Is A Minecraft Launcher? 

Minecraft Launcher is required to download Minecraft: Java Edition, Minecraft for Windows(Bedrock Edition), and the Minecraft Dungeons. Launchers help enhance your gameplay experience and performance.  

While you can simply use the basic launchers available, many players prefer upgrading their Minecraft Launchers for the best and most smooth gameplay. Some of the best launchers, like the SKlauncher, provide many features and upgrades for Minecraft, including different themes and customizable skins.  

Best Minecraft Launchers 

It’s important that you know the gist of Minecraft launchers before we start getting into the top-rated ones. Minecraft lets users have two different accounts. The first one is a regular account the other is a premium account. With a regular account by your side, your Minecraft experience will be quite restricted, and bare-bones as well, might we dare say. However, you can download launchers for free and use your regular account with them. 

On the other hand, a premium account gives you full-blown access to Minecraft and all the features the developer has brought to it. You can also download premium Minecraft launchers for such an account, so your time spent with the game is just what’s originally intended to be.

While we will clear additional questions regarding the regular and premium account, one major difference that’s worth knowing for now is that you need to purchase Minecraft to have a premium account. There’s no getting around this unless you’re opting for a regular account that limits you drastically. 

Therefore, the following entries are going to be a mix of regular and premium launchers, so you can decide which ones sound more suited to your preferences. Let’s dive into these right away. 

1. Minecraft Launcher

best minecraft launchers
Minecraft Launcher on the Microsoft Store

The first entry on the list is the all-famous Minecraft Launcher. It is also oftentimes referred to as the Mojang Launcher because you start out with this app when you first buy your copy of the game.

It’s loaded to the brim with features and even integrates with the Mojang ecosystem quite profoundly. You can play Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft: Java Edition as well through the launcher at hand. 

It’s also remarked well for playing vanilla versions of the title, but when it boils down to mods and similar customizations, Minecraft Launcher probably isn’t your best bet.

The reason for this is that you would then have to install a profile to have modded Minecraft versions. As time progresses, the profiles will get hard to manage and you can end up with unwanted clutter here. 

On the flip side, the launcher has a dedicated section where it lets you update your game with the latest patch notes and releases. Furthermore, the “News” area lets you in on everything new happening in the company, including important announcements and celebratory ones as well. Minecraft Launcher is the best way to get started with this game, so do give it a go and see if it makes sense for you.

Download Microsoft Launcher from the Microsoft Store.

2. SKlauncher

best minecraft launchers

As far as famed Minecraft launchers go, it’s difficult not to talk about the feature-rich SKlauncher. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a Windows 10/11 PC, a Macbook, or a Linux-based device—you’ll find this launcher across all platforms.

Out of most other launchers, Sklauncher boasts the sleekest design. It’s adorned with modernity and has catchy GUI elements to keep the affair from being downright onerous. It’s also pretty clean and clear, so you won’t be bothered with not being able to find what you’re looking for. Small quality-of-life touches to the program uplift it considerably at the end of the day.

A recent development has introduced two different themes to SKlauncher. You can now choose to opt for Arctic White or Matte Black, both of which are respectively light and dark themes. Visibility can definitely take a hit when you’re out and about on Minecraft late at night, so an unilluminated mode can definitely weigh in here.

Other than that, configuration settings are hardly a drag with this Minecraft launcher. The whole system is laid out in such a manner that even the most newbies of all players can effortlessly fathom this best Minecraft launcher. It’s hard to find a rival that’s this lightweight and easy to operate.

Moreover, you can unlock a wide variety of skins for your Minecraft character by creating an account on the official SKlauncher website. You can even design your own skins and capes or change the player model through Sklauncher.

However, some people have run into performance issues on SKlauncher, so make sure you have increased your RAM and you’re on the latest version of java before you begin. Lastly, the launcher is also available in many languages other than English, so surely a welcome plus point for foreign Minecraft players.

You can download SKlauncher using this link.

3. CurseForge Launcher


CurseForge Launcher is simply top-tier when it comes to minecraft launchers running full scale. PC enthusiasts who see themselves enjoying games with mods are definitely going to main CurseForge as their daily driver, and not without good reason.

The biggest advantage you have with using this program for playing Minecraft is the official website of CurseForge itself, which is an unrivaled source for Minecraft mods. You use this Minecraft launcher only to find a horde of mods waiting to be downloaded within the interface in a fully integrated environment. 

This is the reason why this Minecraft launcher is also called one of the best Minecraft modpack launchers. The program got integrated with Twitch too a while back, but that prospect didn’t do quite well for CurseForge’s name.

That said, ever since Overwolf acquired this mod repository, CurseForge has been performing in full flight. It now boasts a sleek interface with a vast catalog of mods and there’s even a gateway to support mod developers and keep the flow going. 

Lastly, it’s worth knowing that you will be needing the default Minecraft Launcher for CurseForge to operate optimally. There is a built-in “Play” button below every mod, but clicking on it will only trigger the Minecraft Launcher to start loading the game.

Other than that, the CurseForge Launcher is exceedingly fast and is known to work on the fly with zero interruptions. It’s definitely worth a shot if you’re after diversified Minecraft mods and a vibrant community that screams creativity. 

You can download CurseForge Minecraft Launcher using this link.

4. GDLauncher

GDLauncher Interface
Interface of GDLauncher

GDLauncher is yet another excellent option available for you to experience Minecraft at its core. You can download it on your Windows 10 PC, Macbook, and even Linux if you wish to create your own modpacks.

The open-ended customizability and a bunch of added perks to assist you in this matter go a long way in improving the user experience. Then, there’s the added feature of decluttering the user interface and letting only those elements stay that are important to you. Not many rival Minecraft launchers can pull this off.

Furthermore, you can import Minecraft vanilla modpacks from ForgeTwitch, and in the form of a ZIP file quite easily. Importing is great and all but GDLauncher’s true highlight lies in the user experience. Creating a modpack of your own has never been easier, and certainly not this much flexible.

You’ve got a range of options to adorn your mod with using lightning-fast import times and all within an exceptionally sleek interface. These reasons are exactly why GD Launcher is considered one of the best custom Minecraft launchers out and about in 2022.

Last but surely not least, you can export your files and modpacks to the CurseForge website as well, making this Minecraft launcher multi-faceted. There is, however, a cause of concern here and that is the larger-than-usual file size of GDLauncher. It’s close to a 100 MB in size and takes up about 46 MB of RAM while it’s running.

Those figures are nothing too deal-breaking but they still are worth mentioning, so you know what you’re signing up for. All in all, this program means serious business and upon downloading and giving it a go myself, I can clearly see what the fuss is all about. 

You can download GDLauncher using this link.

5. MultiMC

minecraft launchers
MultiMC Interface

When it cuts down to the best Minecraft Launchers, MultiMC can be regarded as a class apart. It’s a highly lightweight yet efficient software that’s also available for download on Windows, macOS, and even Linux, unlike the CurseForge Launcher.

It’s intended for power users who can navigate their way in and around the complexities of Minecraft mods without breaking a sweat. For instance, MultiMC lets you set up different versions of it for different profiles and makes management painless. 

Still, the latter doesn’t come without a fair share of experience, so beginners and casual users might find getting started a tad difficult. The developer of this Minecraft launcher also happens to be on the developing team of the official Mojang launchers.

Therefore, stability and smooth performance are guaranteed when using MultiMC. There are a couple of hiccups here and there, such as not being able to get mods in the system without having to go through a bunch of extra steps. Furthermore, updating existing mod packs is also a hassle—one that possibly comes off as a chore. 

On the other hand, you can also import files from other Minecraft launchers. This tool makes it seamless to enhance the overall user experience and make the application more convenient. Lastly, don’t forget to use MultiMC in development mode.

You do that by first clicking on the “Settings” tab and choosing the Update Channel as “Development.” Once done, all that’s left is to click on the “Update” button within the main interface and wait for any impending packages to download. That’s how you get yourself access to a slew of developer-ready features. At the end of the day, MultiMC is no less than a handy Minecraft 

You can download MultiMC using this link.

6. TLauncher

minecraft launchers

TLauncher’s popularity among minecraft launchers is immense. It’s flat-out called the best Minecraft launcher ever to exist thanks to a swath of user-oriented features that help uplift the feel of the game tenfold. First off, it originated sometime in 2013 and has been going strong ever since.

High-performance and stable build are two of the most sought-after qualities in a Minecraft launcher, and it’s comforting to know that TLauncher has both of them nailed. It runs fast, works just as intended, and allows you to play Minecraft like never before.

One of the launcher’s biggest bragging points is the availability of all Minecraft versions. Right from the alpha builds down to the latest releases TLauncher lets you download them right from its own servers. TLauncher’s developer claims that the versions were and are obtained from the official servers.

This means that you’re going to be dealing with zero modifications or unclean installs. There’s a specialized list that painlessly downloads whatever version of Minecraft you’re looking for, so this is definitely a heavy plus point. 

Next, TLauncher  also offers a premium version for those who might be interested in opting for a deluxe upgrade. A lifetime subscription to TLauncher Premium costs about $20 and gives you cutting-edge features like downloadable HD skins, cloaks, and higher download speeds straight out of TLauncher’s own servers. Other than the premium version, you still get tons of functionality, like creating and downloading modpacks and reliable customer service with competent personnel. 

You can download TLauncher by using this link.

7. Titan Launcher

Interface of Minecraft Titan Launcher
Interface of Titan Launcher

Titan Launcher isn’t to be confused with TLauncher. Both are different software made by different developers with the former being much more lightweight and easy-going. It also goes by the name of Team Xtreme and the creator has come out with a load of modpacks as well.

You don’t need to have a premium account to use Titan Launcher. It’s regarded as one the best cracked Minecraft launchers simply because of its ease-of-use and no-frills user interface. However, don’t think of Titan Launcher as a program that’s specced-out. 

It’s sized down to be exceedingly portable, so you won’t be getting a lot of features with it. Not every launcher can manage a small footprint and tons of functionality in equal measure like MultiMC. Still, the fact that Titan Launcher’s performance on a modern-day Windows PC is flat-our superb makes it a deserving contender. Those looking to get in the game as quick as possible should see this Minecraft launcher near the top of their list. 

The program supports all the latest versions of Minecraft to this date. In addition, if you’re on the hunt for custom-made Minecraft worlds, a dedicated section on the official website caters to that profoundly. You can download and play several pre-built worlds, such as MinesMinigames, and a lot more.

You can also set up a specialized SpigotServer to get on the same plane as other Titan Launcher users. All in all, simplicity is what has us sold on this program, and there’s a strong possibility you’ll see eye to eye with us as well. 

You can download Titan Launcher using this link.

8. ATLauncher

minecraft launcher
Interface of ATLauncher

ATLauncher resembles with the aforementioned MultiMC in terms of portability and how the program encompasses most files within the user interface. However, there are significant differences between the two, and the first one right off the bat is active Microsoft account support.

This makes the affair much more approachable rather than having to do without a Microsoft account by your side. You’ll find an exhaustive variety of modpacks to play with on ATLauncher, so the scenario getting monotonous anytime soon is likely impossible. 

Speaking of which, the launcher has a section called “Features Packs” within the interface that is unique to this software. The members of the community make additions here themselves so the fun keeps flowing and there’s something for everyone on ATLauncher.

Moreover, its interface is something to vouch for too. It’s definitely a lot more user-friendly than MultiMC with nice, admirable graphical elements and an organized layout that’s consistent throughout the launcher. 

Another feature that makes this application simply one of the best Minecraft launchers is the inclusion of downloadable server packs. This means that you can run local servers on your Windows 10 PC and even prepare server pack tests for assessing the game and making sure the performance stays sublime.

For each downloadable mod, there’s an optional information page that can be accessed by clicking on the “View” button. This will open up another Chrome tab in your browser and let you check out the full details of the mod in question.   

You can download ATLauncher using this link. Choose whatever platform you’re on and click on the “Download” button beside it accordingly. 

9. Launcher Fenix 

minecraft launcher
Interface of Launcher Fenix

Launcher Fenix is straight out of Spain and is probably a bit unheard of in the Minecraft community. However, what the program lacks in familiarity is quickly made up by its sheer efficacy to run Minecraft on Launcher. There’s just no denying how capable Launcher Fenix is if you take a close, hard look.

Individuals who are well-versed with Spanish will find the program handling Minecraft like a breeze. The developer recommends making sure to have at least Java version 1.8 for the appropriate working of the launcher.  

The best part is that Fenix Launcher entails a pathway for people with both regular and premium accounts. In addition, you’ll find tools on it that the official Minecraft launcher does not have.

People not owning the game can get started with playing in under a minute. Just beware that you won’t be able to join any official servers or don other character skins. Still, the performance of the software makes it rank as one of the best Minecraft launchers in the world. You can also change skins if you opt for another method of logging in. 

That is through an official Launcher Fenix account. You can easily create an account on the launcher’s website for free. By doing so, you will be able to change skins within the game without having to purchase Minecraft. This is an added perk that many other launchers are definitely not providing.

Who knows, maybe you’ll pick up a few Spanish words during your time with this launcher. Learning more languages is a skill that can definitely pay off, so there’s that as well. 

You can download Launcher Fenix by clicking on this link.

10. Shiginima Minecraft Launcher

Setting Up the Shiginima Minecraft Launcher
Setting Up the Shiginima Minecraft Launcher

The last mention on this list belongs to Shiginima Minecraft Launcher, which is quite deserving of the spot. This lightweight software lets you run the game painlessly, not to mention the catalog of mods it has for you to download.

There’s little reason not to try this launcher, especially since it gives your game a performance boost while playing. It’s worth knowing that Shiginima is not an official launcher and is more suited for users with regular accounts. 

Furthermore, the launcher is available for Windows and macOS, so Linux users will have to miss out on this one. Other than that, you can get yourself a horde of skins through this Minecraft launcher. You will have to go through a few easy steps in order to do that though.

The same goes for shaders, which in essence, are extra game files targeted towards improving the graphics. Shaders also enhance the overall textures, lighting, shadows, and the general environment of Minecraft. This improves the overall user experience and helps you play in a reinvigorated manner. 

Lastly, there are no shortage of mods on Shiginima and that’s why it’s easily one of the top 10 best Minecraft launchers. The simple process of getting stem-winding modifications in your game involves downloading Forge from within Shiginima.

Still, the procedure can get a drag for nascent Minecraft players, so it’s worth checking out the official guide on how to do this. You will also be needing to change the launcher’s language since the default is set to Spanish. Apart from that, Shiginima is no software to sleep on and is definitely worth a shot by aspiring Minecraft players.  

You can download Shiginima Minecraft Launcher by using this link.

11. Void Launcher

While this launcher might not be as popular as other launchers for Minecraft out there, it’s considered a good alternative by many players. Void Launcher is a custom mod pack launcher for Minecraft. When you open the launcher, you will see four tabs on your screen. Here, Here be able to read the latest updates from the developer team. You can also search and explore all the mod packs for Minecraft available.

Take a look into the servers exclusive to the Void Launcher and find the one that you think suits you the best. One great thing about this launcher is that you can customize your mod pack and use it whenever you want to.

However, its emphasis on community building and collaborating do have a con to it. Each mod pack on Void Launcher comes with at least 30 to 40 mods in it. While this will save you from the hassle of downloading each mod individually, make sure that your computer can handle all these heavy files at once before you install it.

Another thing about this launcher is that it focuses specifically on mod packs. So it will not help you create new instances for Minecraft. You also won’t be able to change other game-related settings as well. So if you’re looking for a complementary launcher instead of a primary one, Void Launcher is a very good option.

12. Technic Launcher

Technic Launcher is also a great complimentary launcher in case you already have a primary one already. This launcher has been on the internet for a long time. While it is not that popular, it is used by seasoned Minecraft players worldwide because of the quality mods it offers. It has made downloading mods for Minecraft very efficient and fast. 

You can use the Technic Launcher after installing Minecraft from other credible sources. The best thing about this launcher is that it is very easy to install and it will automatically adjust the important settings you will need for Minecraft. There is also a news option that keeps you updated on the latest mod packs added and bug fixes.

The Technic Launcher is available for Windows, Linux, and also macOS. You wouldn’t need a lot of resources for it to run. It has a vast number of amazing mod packs to choose from that you can install in just a few clicks. To make sure there are no bugs in the mod packs, the team is updating and analyzing them constantly.

So you won’t have any issues when you use this launcher for Minecraft and you can manage several mod packs at once by using it. This is the reason why it made it to our list of Bes Minecraft Launchers.

13. BadLion Client

BadLion Client has been the favorite of many players owing to its significant focus on anti-cheating in Minecraft. This Launcher will help prevent griefing while you play. The BadLion Client is trusted and used by over 45 thousand players with the numbers increasing every day. 

The launcher once installed and running will directly install add-ons that will perform anti-Xray. It will also install other anti-cheating measurements to make sure that you experience a safe Minecraft gameplay.

To create a new profile in the BadLion Client Launcher, you will have to use your Microsoft account. The launcher’s team makes sure that there are no compromises on the safety of clients, therefore they regularly publish the current statistics on the banned players in Minecraft. The launcher has amazing anti-cheating tools that give it an advantage over other launchers on the list.

Its exclusive mechanics are tailored specifically for its community and they also feature a reward system for its loyal players. So if you’re tired of cheaters and griefers in the game, this launcher is for you. 

14. OptiFine Launcher

No matter whether you’re online or offline, OptiFine Launcher promises a significant boost for Minecraft players. Even if you are playing in co-op mode, this launcher will amplify your in-game experience. If you plan on joining the servers that are hosted by other players, the owner of the server must have OptiFine as their launcher for it to work.

While the mod hasn’t been updated to work with OptiFine 1.9 as of now, the developers have assured me it will be updated as soon as there is an update on MCP.

This is one of the best tools to organize, activate or deactivate the Minecraft Mods installed on your device. Even without the updates, OptiFine works well with any version of Minecraft 1.9. It can also work with the older versions of Minecraft.

To enhance your gameplay with this launcher, even more, try some settings once it is installed. To see a massive FPS boost, consider the following settings with this launcher.

  • Set in-game graphics to fast.
  • The render distance must be short or tiny.
  • Set your performance rate to maximum FPS.
  • Disable the smooth lighting.
  • Disable the clouds.
  • AdvancedOpenGL should be set to fast.
  • Fog must be disabled.
  • Animations, the sky, and the stars should be disabled.

15. Magic Launcher 

Magic Launcher is a must-have for any Minecraft player that likes to customize their own mods. This launcher allows them to alter any mod available, according to their necessities. But this is not the only function this epic launcher can perform. You can do a whole lot of actions with Magic Launcher.

If you want to choose between different documents of Minecraft.jar to make modding more efficient, this is the launcher you should go for. 

It will keep all your Minecraft documents perfectly sorted and uses the modded records to facilitate your gameplay. The Magic Launcher also allows its users to design the window measure and increase the Java memory for a better gaming experience. It also lets you incorporate some custom Java parameters.

You can design and create different Minecraft profiles with this launcher. It has a mistake log that will keep track of your activity so in case the application shuts down, you will know the reason.

The Magic Launcher also keeps META-INF in place, so if you use it with other launchers, it will amplify your gameplay even more. It also accompanies mod stacking and an outer mod module that is completely configurable.


Minecraft continues to prove timeless and never-aging, thanks to the lively community of PC players that keep the mods coming while giving the users more reasons to play. In this article, we have talked about the top 10 best Minecraft launchers to shoot for if you’re looking to revamp your experience of this game.

Each listed launcher is stable and won’t bother you with excessive performance issues. That said, you do have to be careful and not run Minecraft on an absolute potato. 

Contrastingly, a premium account lets you enjoy Minecraft at its best. First off, you get access to official, high-grossing servers to play on filled with the best Minecraft players around.

In addition, you get to switch up your character’s skin with a bevy of options using a premium account. You will have to pay and properly own the game to get your hands on one of these though.    

If you’re a newcomer to the world of Minecraft, it’s worth doing your research into every launcher before you try them. This will help you get to the bottom of each Minecraft launcher’s safety concern.

The best Minecraft launchers are those that do not pose a risk in terms of your private data, and in this guide, we’ve enlisted just those. 

Considering all the information taken into account above, it’s not rare to lose track of understanding what’s what. The following FAQ section will hopefully answer the questions you have and get you down to a good level of clarity. 

Minecraft Launchers FAQ

Can You Play on Official Servers Using a Regular Account? 

A regular account is similar to a cracked account in terms of Minecraft. You cannot join official servers like Hypixel, Mineplex, and Cubecraft. You will, however, be able to play online on other servers.

What Are the Differences Between a Regular Account and a Premium Account in Minecraft?  

A regular account lets you play Minecraft, but without the extra functionality. The experience stays minimal as you cannot join premium servers and cannot change character skins as well. That said, a regular account is the fastest way to play the game for absolutely free. 

Are Cracked Launchers Safe?

It depends on what cracked launcher you’re using. GDLauncher and TLauncher, for instance, both provide cracked Minecraft functionality, but they’re nowhere near in violation of the anti-piracy act. 

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