13 Best Farming Games of All Time

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Many people do farming, but in the gaming world, it’s on a different level. In this list we’re going to focus on the best farming video games available right now.

#13 Minecraft

We’re starting with Minecraft for a basic reason; it’s farming, but not in a typical way.

You see, while you can have a farm in the game, that’s not really what you’re going to do. Instead, you’re going to “farm for resources” and make whatever you think of.

A bit on the nose? Perhaps. But let’s be real here when you think of the game, you think of all the wonders people have created! Some people even make houses to store their resources so they have more room for them!

So dive in, farm all the blocks you want, and then put them to good use.

#12 Dinkum

If you think you’ve heard that word before, it’s probably because an Aussie said it to you. Dinkum is a game based on making a new home for yourself inspired by Australia!

You’ll start on an island with nothing but a swag; then, you’ll start building up your new village step by step! Make the place shine in a way you’ll love, and then see if others want to join you in it!

Customize your village as people come in and make it truly pop. As the town grows, so do the possibilities! That includes them bringing in more people, setting up shops, etc.

So go “down under” and pop back up with a new place to call home.

#11 My Time at Sandrock

Welcome to Sandrock, a city-state made 300 years after a terrible calamity took all of technology away. The desert area isn’t the best, but you can change that! You accept a job as a builder for the town, and now, you must make it shine!

To do so, you’ll need to gather resources, construct machines to help you build and craft, work with the locals, and even fight monsters!

There are hundreds of items within the game to let you not only play, but decorate, gift to others, and more! In addition, the town and surrounding areas are full of life. So don’t miss out on your chance to explore them.

#10 Farm Together

Farm Together is self-explanatory. It’s a title where you’ll get to make a farm and then open it up to your friends or other online players if you want their help. What’s more, since it’s your farm, you can choose what people get to do on the farm. That way, you know that they won’t ruin your hard work!

But even if you choose to do it all alone, you’ll be plenty busy. You’ll need to grow and maintain your crops. You’ll do things by hand and with heavy machinery.

Plus, you get to customize your farmer and even give them a pet should you want one!

9 Hokko Life

Hokko Life

When you arrive at the small town of Hokko, you’re given a straightforward task. In fact, you’ll get right to work and decorate all the homes your friends live in so that they’re even happier within them.

Creativity is the most important thing here. Get materials and resources to craft all types of furniture, items, and so on to create unique homes and interiors for the villagers.

Plus, if you want, you can upload your designs to a special site where other players can see them! You might even get inspiration for one of them on a design you want to do! So dive in and see what designs you come up with!

#8 Kynseed

While most games put you in the role of one person for however long you want, Kynseed makes it so that you’ll have to live your life, the life of your descendant, and the one after that, and so on.

The game is about generations and how your family legacy will endure in the wacky world you find yourself in. The sandbox RPG gives you many options on how to live your life, and you’re encouraged to enjoy it how you wish. If you want to run a business, go ahead; if you’d rather be an explorer, by all means.

Interact with the world and grow with it as time goes on, then see what you can do in the next life!

#7 Ranch Simulator

Once upon a time, your family had a proud and enduring ranch. Then, it fell into disarray, and nature took over. Ranch Simulator puts you in the position to build back up your family’s ranch and legacy so it can shine through the wilderness area it’s in.

Don’t think it’ll be an easy task, though. It’s been years since anyone took care of that place. You’ll need to take things step-by-step to assess the damage, then build it back right. Get money where you can, gather resources, and restore your family’s ranch.

Watch over the livestock and erect defenses so the “locals” don’t come to take what’s yours.

#6 Forager

In Forager, you’ll be a character who goes out into the world and does whatever they want in it. You can be a person who collects all manner of materials and shows them off to people. Or you can be a farmer and do whatever it takes to build up your land and grow it into something special.

You can even have animals on your farm that you can be best friends with.

If you’re more into capitalism, you can become a man of the market and create a business to sell your products all over. The game is so expansive you’ll have plenty of options no matter what you do.

#5 My Time at Portia

Welcome to Portia, a town in a post-apocalyptic land where your father used to reside. With his handbook at your beck and call, you’ll travel to his old workshop and try to fix it up.

To do so, you’ll have to chat with the various townspeople and do jobs for them. Then, collect your rewards and fix up your dad’s shop so that you can try to make it the No.1 shop in all of Portia. But that won’t be easy. You’ll have to explore nearby areas, harvest resources, fight monsters, and more.

Plus, you can interact with the villagers more and build up friendships, and maybe something more!

#4 Slime Rancher 2

Slime Rancher 2

As you’ve likely noticed by now, many of these farming titles play on the “cute” aesthetic to try and goad you into playing them. Slime Rancher 2 is no different, with the “cute” parts being the slimes you can collect, farm, and use to get stronger.

You’ll again play Beatrix LeBeau, who has ventured to the mysterious Rainbow Island. What does she find there? Ruins of an ancient civilization, but with technology that shouldn’t be there! Plus, there is a menagerie of new slimes for you to find!

So build your new home on the island, farm the slimes, and explore to unravel the mysteries of it all!

#3 Rune Factory 5

Rune Factory 5

Here’s a game that likes to blend farming with RPG elements for a good time and, of course, lets you marry someone you like in the game. Because why not?

Rune Factory 5 has your player character as a member of a peacekeeping organization. You’re dispatched to Rigbarth to help the people of the area with their monster problem. Battle monsters and seal them away to protect them.

But, when things get more dangerous, you’ll need to team up with the villagers to save the day.

Don’t worry; there’s still farming in the game. In fact, you’ll be farming on the backs of dragons!

#2 Farming Simulator Series

It’s only fitting that a simulator dedicated to farming is almost in the top spot. It’s in the name, you know?

Anyway, the Farming Simulator Series is a deeper experience than you might realize. The games accurately replicate everything a farmer has to do to grow crops and maintain the farm in general. You’ll have to make every major decision on the path to making your farm great.

What crops will you plant? What machines do you need to cultivate them? What brands do you need to invest in to get the best results? All these and more will need to be answered by you in this realistic simulator. Good luck!

#1 Stardew Valley

Is there really any other farming game we can put at the top of this list? Sure, all the others are quality in their own way, but this is Stardew Valley!

The title was the one that got people on a large scale interested in farming games in the first place! The game is so expansive that it allows you to make the farm what you want and then make the rest of your life what you want!

Whether you want to have the most profitable farm around or want something to call your own with someone you happened to romance, the game is expansive. If you haven’t played this yet, you really should.

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