10 of the spookiest LEGO minifigures for Halloween

With Halloween creeping its way around a shadowy corner, here’s our list of 10 of the spookiest LEGO minifigures released to date.

With the season of the witch almost upon us, we’re casting a bloodshot eye over past LEGO sets to reveal which minifigures are truly the scariest. Many models have been released over the years that have included spooky characters, all of which have been crafted with a touch of the LEGO Group’s terrifying tongue-in-cheek sense of humour.

With so many ghoulish minifigure faces to choose from, it’s certainly been a challenge to select just 10 to include in this shocking showcase. As the hallowed hour draws ever closer, here then is our list of some of the spookiest LEGO Halloween minifigures to ever shuffle onto this mortal coil. Read on… if you dare!

10 – Skeleton

First appearing in Pirates and Castle sets in 1995, the standard Skeleton figure design has remained pretty much unchanged for decades. Variants of the clattering skull and bones character have also popped up in multiple themes over the years such as The LEGO Movie, Indiana Jones, Minecraft and Harry Potter.

9 – Wolf Guy

The first entry on this list from LEGO Collectible Minifigures 71010 Series 14, Wolf Guy delivers exactly what you want from a leering lycanthrope. Tattered clothes, huge fangs and tiny claws on the character’s feet are all great details. Other werewolf minifigures have appeared in Monster Fighters, VIDIYO and Studios sets.

8 – Headless Horseman

Although primarily aimed at younger fans, LEGO Scooby-Doo! sets have included some seriously scary minifigures, such as the Headless Horseman who popped up to spook the gang in 75901 Mystery Plane Adventures. A similar pumpkin-headed character has recently been added to the current selection of in-store options for making your own minifigures

7 – Fly Monster

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