10 most popular Minecraft 1.19 servers for Bedrock and Java Edition in 2022

Minecraft’s community is massive. As a result, there are countless multiplayer servers for players to enjoy. These include servers for Java Edition and Bedrock Edition, as well as those that accommodate both editions for cross-platform enjoyment.

Each Minecraft server provides something different and possesses its own approach to the game. Some prefer more traditional gameplay, while others utilize an array of plugins and mods to enhance their experience and create new and exciting game modes.

No matter what a player may be looking for, there will always be servers that can meet their needs in Minecraft 1.19.

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HiveMC, Manacube and 8 other Minecraft servers to enjoy after The Wild Update

1) Minewind

Promo art for Minewind (Image via Minewind.com)
Promo art for Minewind (Image via Minewind.com)

Minewind is ideal for Minecraft players that want an intense survival challenge.

As an Anarchy server, Minewind drops Minecraft players into a vast survival world with only one goal: to survive. Nearly everything else is permitted minus cheating or utilizing exploits. That means griefing, PvP and theft are all fair-game.

Players will have to keep their wits about them in order to thrive on this hard-edged Minecraft server.

2) Minr

Minr's world map (Image via Forums.minr.org)
Minr’s world map (Image via Forums.minr.org)

Minr has remained one of the longest-running servers for Minecraft fans who love unconventional gameplay.

Instead of focusing heavily on survival multiplayer, Minr emphasizes challenges through maps used for parkour and platforming. There are also a bevy of puzzles to solve and adventure maps to explore.

In total, Minr sports over 500 different maps of varying skills for players to test their abilities on. The server is a great avenue to sharpen a player’s gameplay and enjoy their time while doing so.


3) Complex Gaming

A promotional image for Complex Gaming (Image via mc-complex.com)
A promotional image for Complex Gaming (Image via mc-complex.com)

Complex Gaming is another great Minecraft server that players can jump into. It is a fairly new server that offers two types of game modes: Pixelmon and standard. Standard game modes include survival, factions, creative, prison, and more. Pixelmon has a plethora of different versions like red, blue, diamond, emerald, crystal to name a few.

This server is famous for Pixelmon’s modpack integrated in it as players can explore the world of Pokemon with hundreds of other players as well. The server is not overloaded with players, giving users quick and easy access to it anytime they want.

4) Desteria

Desteria's spawn area (Image via SwaglordPvP/YouTube)
Desteria’s spawn area (Image via SwaglordPvP/YouTube)

If the Runescape-esque grind of Minescape is a bit too tedious, Desteria offers a great alternative for Minecraft players.

A PvP server with an in-depth class system, custom world boss fights, a token system and a thriving player economy, Desteria provides a great MMORPG experience.

The world is considerably well-made with many gorgeous vistas, and it’s an excellent place for adventures with a few friends. The server also possesses an extremely high uptime and lag-free gameplay, allowing players to enjoy their RPG experience comfortably.


5) Manacube

A player screenshot on Manacube (Image via HyDr0KT/YouTube)
A player screenshot on Manacube (Image via HyDr0KT/YouTube)

One of the largest servers in the community, Manacube has a little something for everybody. Here, players can enjoy survival gameplay, parkour, Skyblock, Factions PvP, Kit PvP and much more. There’s even a massive map created to emulate the surface of the world in their Earth server.

If things ever get a little stale, players can even dive into a Creative world and enjoy some relaxed building if they’d like. With such a large player count, players have many fellow Minecraft lovers to enjoy the game with.

6) PixelmonCraft

Promo art for Pixelmoncraft (Image via Pixelmoncraft.com)
Promo art for Pixelmoncraft (Image via Pixelmoncraft.com)

Pixelmon has long been one of the most popular mods of all time, blending the gameplay of Minecraft with the Pokemon franchise.

Thanks to Pixelmoncraft, players have one of the most robust servers to enjoy Pixelmon on. This server was built from the ground up to accommodate Pixelmon players in every way it can, complete with a huge array of Pokemon, trainer battles and a robust item system.

Nearly every aspect of Pokemon can be found on this server, thanks to the in-depth Pixelmon development facilitated by the server’s committed team.


7) Mineplex

Mineplex's official logo (Image via Xbox Marketplace)
Mineplex’s official logo (Image via Xbox Marketplace)

Compatible with Java and Bedrock Editions, Mineplex is one of the most popular servers in the world. Its survival world has been rated as one of the best for several years in a row. The amount of detail paid to its MMO elements only improves the player experience substantially.

The server offers more than a few game modes for players to ensure they have a place that suits their playstyle, no matter what that might be.

Mineplex may not be everybody’s favorite server, but players would be doing themselves a disservice if they didn’t at least give it a try.

8) Brawl

Brawl's world entrances (Image via Brawl.com)
Brawl’s world entrances (Image via Brawl.com)

Beginning as a battle royale server, Brawl has emerged as one of the most unique Minecraft servers ever.

Providing several different game modes, Brawl has plenty of variety to satisfy players’ tastes. One of the server’s most iconic game modes is its Party mode, which emulates the beloved gameplay of Mario Party. This was developed entirely by Brawl’s staff and is an absolute blast to play.

Aside from Party gameplay, players can still enjoy game modes like Battle Royale, Builds, Brawls and the zombie-filled WarZ world.


9) HiveMC

A trailer shot of the Hive's Minecraft minigames world (Image via PotatoPie25/YouTube)
A trailer shot of the Hive’s Minecraft minigames world (Image via PotatoPie25/YouTube)

A longtime server with a dedicated staff and community, HiveMC is one of the most evolved servers over its lifetime. The community has consistently pitched ideas for new minigames and mainline game modes, some of which have been introduced in full.

The server also recently revealed their arcade world, giving players the chance to enjoy a plethora of minigames, both old and new. Players can even collect pets to bring along with them in their Minecraft adventures, thanks to the efforts by the server’s developers.

10) Hypixel

The official Hypixel logo (Image via Hypixel.net)
The official Hypixel logo (Image via Hypixel.net)

The gold standard of servers according to many players, Hypixel has everything a player could want in one place. Its Skyblock world is maddeningly addictive, and it provides almost every other conceivable PvE and PvP gamemode imaginable.

This mega server facilitates both Java and Bedrock Edition players simultaneously, which explains why Hypixel’s community is so massive.

There’s no guarantee that Hypixel will be the forever home for a given player. However, the amount of depth and entertainment it provides certainly keeps the chances of it happening quite high.

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